Parkinsons Recovery with EFT, Meditation and Symptom Tracker


Help me find the tracking page…I used it one month ago and wish to record improvements.

Your Five Steps to Recovery book and meditations are terrific.

“Recovery will happen for me” is my new mantra.”

My body is responding. Also, your suggestion for remembering the feeling from past times I made non wishy washy decisions and the outcome was neverseriously in doubt. At first I couldn’t recall such decisions. Then it came later that I had indeed made 4 of them, all life and death decisions basedon how I thought and moved in a very short time span.

In my experience as a helicopter pilot I had 4 engine failures over a 30 yr period. One from 500 feet with a student, one from 15 feet over a helipad,one at night, over a city from 500 feet, and the last over the ocean from 200 feet with 6 on board. Each one the feeling deep down was that I knew the end result would be successful. That same feeling is the same feeling I have about recovery. I also have been using the TV screen meditation with interesting, positive results.

I also have to give credit for 5 sessions of EFT with Bernadette Hunter. You can listen to the radio program with Monica and Bernadette (or download it) here.  It’s all coming together slowly for me. Soon my Aquas will be arriving…So please, I pray I can still use your site’s tracking of symptoms program. It’s difficult to refind…



This is certainly an exciting report for everyone to hear. Thank you for sending it me and giving permission for others to read it. There are clearly exciting developments happening in your life. When you are on the road to recovery, it becomes so clear great things are beginning to happen.

Energy is running. A new and powerful life force begins to re-emerge. Of course, the process is seldom smooth sailing, but at least you know something important is happening.

I developed symptom tracker as a way for anyone to track the progress of their recovery. You answer a set of 39 questions from a standard research instrument that is use in Parkinson’s research (the PDQ39) to get a baseline. That is what Monica has done. You then answer the questions every month or so to see how your recovery is unfolding. You can see evidence of your progress!

We all have a tendency to focus on symptoms that are troubling and do not celebrate improvement in symptoms that have resolved or become much better. Tracking symptoms with my Symptom Tracker is thus a way to celebrate your improvements and identify any areas that need extra attention.

You can always find a link to Symptom Tracker on the main page at Just click on the icon and you will be taken to the log in page. It will always be anonymous and free. You first have to register by entering an e mail address (that is how the data can be tracked) and choosing a password.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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