Last Chance to Kick Start Your Recovery from Parkinson’s

Have You Heard?

For the one and only time in 2016, I am teaching the Jump Start to Recovery course to help participants develop and implement a successful program of recovery from Parkinson’s. Content of the course is organized around two key questions:

  1. What causes the Parkinson’s symptoms that you currently experience?
  2. What in the world can you do right now to reverse these symptoms?

I am excited to announce that the course launches in 3 days.

Only 1 seat remains!

Claim the last seat before the registration opportunity closes. Click on the link below for information and enrollment.

Enter the coupon code “control” on the shopping cart to claim a 20% discount off the already low course tuition. The Jump Start course this year includes a bounty of support resources, books, videos and online lectures in addition to the eight sessions with me personally.

Does your gut instinct tell you to join us? If the answer is yes, why wait? The opportunity to kick start your recovery is now.
Robert Rodgers PhD
Olympia Washington
Parkinsons Recovery


Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

P. S.: One of the most fascinating parts of the course is to discover what other participants are doing to reverse their own symptoms.


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