Physical Therapy and Swallowing: Two Suggestions That Helped

I appreciate your work very much. It has contributed a great deal to improving my life. For example, the doctors [Roya Sayadi, Ph.D. and Joel Herskowitz, M.D., authors of Swallow Safely] who were experts on swallowing ended much of my choking problems because of the build up of bacteria. A mouth cleansing usually brings things to an end. It was good to emphasize oral care because of this cavity’s proximity to the brain.

The man who was and is a physical therapist [Kevin Lockette, author of Move It] brought such passion to his work that I took up physical therapy when it was offered. It is very difficult to do. I am not doing the full load yet, but it is bringing hope of being less disabled as new pathways are created and felt. My PT has no idea what you go through with Parkinson’s, so today I explained a bit.


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