Recovery is a Process

What follows is an e-mail I received yesterday from Bobby who has fully recovered. It is truly inspiring.

I was just reading one of your articles about recovery is possible. Robert your articles are excellent and inspiring. There is no doubt that if one wants recovery and simply follows the suggestions you have outlined there will be recovery. This old paradigm of the diagnostic approach is sometimes hard to get around, people just don’t see the truth when it is in front of them. I wonder sometimes if a person has to have some sort of predisposition for truth in order to digest the changes in medicine. They are certainly taking place but never quickly.

Sometimes people write and ask me how I recovered from PD since I was diagnosed with advanced pd, I used to know what to say but anymore I am not sure. I want to say something that gives hope without concentrating on myself. These days I am starting to get a lot of professional types through the Bar Association and different doctors around here who knew me when I had the symptoms. I was recently asked to speak to a group of doctors about my recovery, I am not sure whether I should or not Robert. It is a lot like practicing law, once you say something they hang their hat on that when recover is more a process than just any one thing that I did. Mostly I did many of the things you advocate, in fact I have not found anyone else who articulates the things I believe strongly in. All I know to tell you my friend is your teaching is wonderful. I consider myself fortunate to have crossed your path.


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