Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Last year I interviewed Lilian Sjøberg on Parkinsons Recovery Radio. Click the link below to access the replay:

Lilian has created an online HOPE-shortcut programme, based on this knowledge and experience, which currently consists of a stress test, practical course and coaching sessions:

H: get new hope – you can get better, learn a new way of thinking about symptoms;

O: observe your symptoms – so you know if your symptoms are decreasing or not –  notice the variation and be aware of which situations that make your symptoms flare up;

P: pacify your symptoms, learn about the 4 main strategies that people around the world use to reduce symptoms;

E: engage yourself – get extra motivation to start the journey to better health and be persistent;

Here is a brief update on Lilian’s work: A woman 70 years old explains how her life is becoming better as she reduces her stressors via HOPE therapy. Her stiffness and tendency to freeze is reduced

Visit the website below for further information:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Rock Solid Walking
Parkinsons Recovery

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