Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Below is profoundly insightful correspondence written by Rick who is on his own journey down the Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease.
Parkinson’s disease is caused by the relentless death off dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra part of the brain which controls the central nervous system. Small intercellular furnaces known as mitochondria responsible for energy flow malfunction which give rise to oxidation agents called free radicals and it is these that are responsible for the death of the dopamine cells which they say don’t grow again. Scary stuff.
I’m told by my my neurologist that there’s nothing to be done and she also wrote that it was probably inherited dna. Since that time I’ve done a lot of my own research and ended up in a completely different place and have got into some new biology called epigenetics which has a completely different spin on dna, namely instead of lets say 50% dna which is inherited suddenly its 1 to 5% and the remainder is the effect of the environment that is to say that it is largely us that control our health and well being. This was music to my ears having been told that I have something classified as neurologically degenerative. And who thinks up this totally shitty and demoralising terminology.
I’ve adopted a scatter gun approach by testing the different possibilities, so its unlikely to be inherited, going to the shrink to find out if there were any negative patterns instigated by events in the first 7 years from for example by Henderson’s fire or moving 5 times in these 7 years. In these years there is a direct feed of info into the sub conscious which is the hard drive that controls 95 % of our brain activity and is difficult to influence. This part of the brain is massively powerful and correspondingly dull. However early negative crisis could elicit a later neurological shut down called Parkinsons. I developed an unhealthy amount of anger quite young in connection with the above mentioned fire and incessant moving.
Other issues were that Dad was hardly ever around because he was so out of joint after the fire and protected to some extent by mum who herself didn’t have a lot of excess energy to deal with a family when she herself had health issues. As the psychologist mentioned this is where the neglect and freedom come in. May also have been a bit put out sub consciously by dads slight envy and competition with us instead of being a father.
Other causes of Parkinson’s disease could airborne dirt/insulation which I was exposed to. Also read about a vet who’d been exposed to mercury poisoning and went to a holistic clinic on Jutland and this is where I had a test sent down to be analysed in Germany. 12 times too much mercury and 16 times too much copper. So I’m on a course of vitamins and will. Have 4 × 3 hours on vitamin C intravenously. 

Another difficulty has been the general very negative view of the illness probably helping with a placebo effect. Think yourself ill and you become ill and vice versa. We have huge powers of self healing which can be confused neutralized by over medication. 


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