Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Hi  Robert:

We have corresponded before. I  live in Victoria BC. My name is Linda Ralph. I have had symptoms of PD for 12+ years now.

First let me say that I just finished reading your book on Parkinson’s: On The Road To Recovery AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!

I loved the way  you presented it in a clear, concise, easy – to- read fashion, so that even I could  understand it from cover to cover.(Ha.) At last a hands- on reference book for Parkis that is useful. Yeah!

Because of the chosen format, the wealth and variety of information, the adaptable index and contents, readers like myself, can access pertinent  information readily, or, if not, be shown alternative ways to gain such information. Good stuff.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of the anectodes of others who had/have this condition. Reading their stories, as well as listening to the guests that are featured on your radio show, have provided me with some new ideas and strategies that I would like to try. And hearing the success stories of those
who are completely free of the symptoms of Parkinson’s – well – that’s  my kind of reading. Yes!

The  Q. and A. section was personal and informative and  reminded me, and probably other readers as well, of some of  the same questions that we too  have pondered at some time or another along our way. Such questions are real.

Most importantly I think that your book provides Parkis and their family members with some HOPE in a society where doctors are still professing, even today, much gloom and doom to the newly diagnosed. And, HOPE where there is depression, anger, resentment, pain and lack of understanding about this condition.

I have already lent my book to a newly diagnosed friend of mine. I just wish that I had been given a copy way back in 1998 when I was first diagnosed. Perhaps my bout of depression, brought on by: fear, hopelessness, misinformation, and by the way my doctors treated me at that time could have been avoided. (Who knows?)

What you ARE NOT  providing for those of us with this condition is  a cure. And some may say,”Darn.”(or maybe something a wee bit stronger.)  But what  I am saying that you ARE providing, is something to hold onto. Something tangible that Parkis can use to fight their symptoms right now and in the future, a reference book that those of us with the symptoms of Parkinson’s and our families can pick up, look inside and maybe  find an idea or two that may just work. And dare I say maybe  glean just  enough information, and try just hard enough, to recover completely from this condition.

Thank you so much for this book. And  thanks to your staff, who worked alongside you to help you reach your goal. And thanks to you for all the work that you have done and continue to do  for those of us with this condition.

You are appreciated!

Linda Ralph

Linda gave me permission to post her review of my new book on the blog. You can find more details about Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease by visiting:

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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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