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Below is an email I have permission to post from a wife who has the unique ability for smelling Parkinson’s. She reports below that when her husband (who has Parkinson’s symptoms) was using the new Vielight Gamma device she was unable to smell it, but when he interrupted use, she could not detect the Parkinson’s smell.

I interviewed the inventor of this new device on the radio show and posted his interview here on the blog for those of you who need more information about what she is talking about when she refers to the “Vielight machine.”

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Dear Robert:

My partner has Parkinsons.  I have been with him for nearly 4 years. And he has had a strong smell, not pleasant, since that time – until using the Vielight machine.  After 3 days I noticed that his smell wasn’t there – I didn’t know he had started using the machine – it took him a few weeks to work it out! and have the confidence to try, but I did notice ‘no smell’ and when I asked him, found he had started.  I think he felt a bit more energy too.  He has been using the machine on alternate days.

About a week ago the smell had returned, not strongly but enough to notice, I said have you been using the machine? “Not for a few days” so he has started again, and no smell!

Have been meaning to feed this back to you and was reminded by posts on Facebook about a woman in Scotland who can ‘smell’ Parkinsons.

Keep up the good work!


2 thoughts on “Smelling Parkinson’s

  1. Dr Rogers. A suggestion. Please have all Parkinson’s patients list vital info before talking about new approaches or therapies. Vital info is age how long they’ve had PD overall health and critical: are they on the usual drugs and for how long they have been taking the meds.
    I’m 62 and have had PD since summer 2012. Overall good health. Have never taken drugs but do use amino acids and mucina approach of dr Marty hinz
    Also have used vielight previously.

  2. Thanks a million for the suggestion and your report of what therapies have been helping. I have hosted now over 70 pioneers of recovery on Parkinsons Recovery Radio. Each person talks in great detail about their history, symptoms and the therapies and treatments that have helped them reverse their symptoms or find more sustained relief from them. Replays of all of these interviews are available for free access on Parkinsons Recovery Radio.

    I have aired over 230 shows, so there are now 10 pages of show listings (about 20 per page). If you scroll back, you will find many remarkable interviews (among many other great programs), each with fascinating suggestions for recovery. So, the detail you are seeking for each person can be found by listening to my interviews with them on the radio show.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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