Stem Cell Implants and Parkinson’s


Greetings – I am getting more information from/about two
different private facilities that do stem cell implants. 
Both advertise on the internet.  One is in Cologne, Germany
and the other is in the Caribbean.  While there are  no
guarantees, both claim to have made dramatic improvements
in Parkinson’s patients.
Notwithstanding the prices they charge, I’m tempted to
spend a good deal of my limited savings on one of them.  Why?

Because I am approaching desperation.  I’ve had PD for 20+ years
(I’m now age 67) and my symptoms–mainly dystonia,
depression, and fatigue– are worsening day by day.
I happened across your web site.
Please tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes.
Many thanks,
George .


My short answer:

I would search for more information about stem cell implants and
try other natural approaches first.

My long answer: 

I would be highly suspect of anyone who promises a single
approach will do wonders for permanently relieving the 
symptoms of Parkinson’s.  My understanding of its causes
suggest to me that changes in life style and a multi-faceted
approach are necessary.

I have talked with many people in many countries who have found
ways to get relief from their symptoms and no one yet has told
me that stem cell implants are the reason they are feeling better.
By asking the question and posting it here, maybe we will discover
invite people who have tried stem cell implants to tell us about
their experience.

I have talked with a naturopath doctor who tells me he
has a novel stem cell procedure that is producing good results for
people with Parkinson’s. I will put him on top of my long list to
interview, so you can hear his story. 

My guess is this: It may be that stem cell implants do provide
temporary relief, but I doubt at this point they will provide
long term relief. (Let me stress I really have no evidence at
this point to know if this is true).

I have concluded from working with many people with Parkinson’s
and from interviewing many people with Parkinson’s that the causes fall
into a minimum of two categories: trauma/stress and toxins.

If you are carrying significant trauma in your tissues or holding
the effects of stress in your body, stem cell implants will not
succeed in releasing them. Other approaches are needed.
If you have an overload of toxins in your body, stem cell implants
will not help your body purge them. Other approaches are needed.

The other important issue I want to raise is the following:
Bu concluding your body needs a fresh batch of cells because the
existing cells are defective is a rather devastating statement
to the existing cells. You are saying to them –

“You are not doing your job.”

Think of the feeling someone might have who has been fired
from their job despite the fact they are doing everything
right and putting in 110% effort. The existing cells –
who I strongly believe have a consciousness – are certainly
going to wonder what is happening.

“Have I been fired without cause? Are replacements willing to be paid
minimum wages being sent?”

Your challenge is formidable to be sure. You have been
suffering from the symptoms for 20 years. You are not
feeling better and have good cause to be at your wits end. 
It must be hard to find the motivation to do anything for yourself.

You might explore low cost ways to get a boast in energy so
you can begin feeling better. Some people find nutritional IV’s
are helpful (where you give your body an infusion of vitamins
and minerals it needs).

Eating fresh food each and every day helps. Juice with fresh
vegetables if you can.  I will be writing soon about nutritional
approaches to recovery that have helped many people with horrible
symptoms feel better. Finally, exercise every day will help.

I am doing teleseminars which are an exciting development for
me. I had been interviewing people privately. Some of
my interviews now will be live.

I am doing a live interview with John Coleman on September 4th.
(See the blog entry that appears yesterday). John has awesome ideas
about what you can do to get relief from your symptoms.
He is symptom free today. Be sure and join us. You can ask
questions through an interface on the web.

Anyone else out there have any experience with stem cell
implants? George and I would love to hear from you.

Robert Rodgers
Parkinsons Recovery 

© 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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