Antioxidants and Parkinsons Disease


Will Noni Juice help with Parkinson’s symptoms?



There is a very long list of symptoms that have been linked to a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. In fact – if you  examine and analyze this list of symptoms, you will cover just about any diagnosis imaginable.

I am aware of no research that directly evaluates the use of Noni juice on the symptoms of Parkinson’s, but this is the norm. Little formal evidence exists that evaluates natural treatments.

Certainly, anti oxidants could potentially lend relief to some of the symptoms. We know that anti oxidants help the body reverse the process of aging. To the extent that aging is associated with a degradation of the neurological system, it seems reasonable to suspect that you should be able to expect improved health on some level with the ingestion of anti-oxidants.

Be aware that there are many choices you can make with regard to the use of anti oxidants. A search on the Internet will list for you foods that have natural anti oxidant properties (like blue berries for example).

The decision to take Noni juice or some other anti oxidant hinges on cost and personal preference. I believe everyone – regardless of whether they currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s or not , should be taking anti-oxidants of some form or another.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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