Detoxification Foot Baths

It is clear to me that toxins can cause symptoms of
Parkinson’s. It is also clear that there are a wide
variety of ways to detox heavy metals, pesticides
and other harmful substances from your body.
Have you ever heard of foot baths that are used
to detox the body?

Several people have told me recently that detox
foot baths have helped them feel a lot better,
so I am interviewing Jack Potter Thursday, May 14th
at 11:00. Jack offers a foot detox service here in
Olympia, Washington for chronically ill people.

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There are a number of different detox machines
that are currently being marketed. The machine
we will find out more about Thursday is called the
Aqua Chi.

I would love to hear from you during the radio
program if you have any experience with using
detoxification foot baths.Call 347-945-5358 during
the radio program. We all need to learn more about this
novel approach that is used to detox the body.

I like the idea of foot detoxes myself because they
are safe, non intrusive and natural. The jury is out
on how well detox foot baths help people get relief
from the symptoms of Parkinsons.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

2 thoughts on “Detoxification Foot Baths

  1. Hi there! The medical medium has a heavy metal detox smoothie that he advises for neurological disorders, of course PD being one. Apparently many ppl are detoxifying and healing by drinking this every day! Have you heard of it? Have any of your followers done this? Have any PD followers healed their PD!? I’m a health coach looking for testimonials. Pls help. Thank you!

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