Testimonial for Centering Prayer, Meditation and Massage

“While I’m new to the PD world (diagnosed 12/07),
I’ve been “experimenting” with meditative and
action techniques to help me cope…
Brief background: I hold a pair of Masters
degrees, was, until recently, Head Librarian
at Ohio University-Chillicothe (Ohio) campus,
and have an extensive background in
Zen meditation/Martial Arts–I hold Dan
rank in Karate-do, have been a member of
US teams in international MA competitions,

“My feelings/findings, so far:”

1. “Karate or any other “hard” art is “out”–
I get dizzy, confused, even while performing
a kata!”

2. “Zazen (meditation) is effective, as long as my discomfort
level with PD and its effects doesn’t prevent
me from “going deep”.”

3. “My wife and I have joined a local Lutheran
“Centering Prayer” group; the combination of
Zazen and Do-Zen, sitting in meditative prayer,
then moving silently, is effective in helping me
to “forget” the PD and its effects and to
relax…  While moving in the Sanctuary of the
church, I have had good results from
“gathering Chi” and “spinning Chi” with my
hands while walking.” 

4. “I have started getting massages, which
help to relax my body IMMENSELY. The
massager is tuned in to MA theories and
practices, by the way, which helps…
He has commented that my high tolerance
for pain helps him perform the massages,
since I don’t flinch (MANY years of MA
“torture” to account for that!).”

“Oh, I’m 60 years of age…”


Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

 © 2008 Parkinsons Recovery

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