Vielight Photobiomodulation

Visit this link to learn about Vielight photobiomodulation devices. Call them at 877-355-8012 for more information.

Tell the representative you are a member of the Parkinsons Recovery community and they will credit your order with a 10% discount. Or, if you order on line. enter the coupon code healing4me to claim the discount.

I have interviewed Dr. Lew Lim, the CEO of Vielight, on three different occasions since 2018. At the time of my first interview, we did not know whether persons diagnosed with neurological conditions would benefit from using his company’s devices. Now we do!

Visit the youtube presentation below by Dr. Lew Lim where he provides the science behind photobiomodulation and research findings.

YouTube player

The company still offers the opportunity to use any device for 6 months. If you do not experience the relief you seek, you are invited to return the device for an 80% refund. I know of no other company that offers such a generous warranty.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery
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