TMJ Misalignments and Parkinson’s

I listened to your interview with Cheryl.  WOW. There are articles on the internet that discuss TMJ and its relationship to motor skills, as well as the usual headaches, ear ringing, back and neck ache, fibromalgia, shoulder pain etc.

It kind of makes me think of TMJ correction as a myofascial release for the jaws where the condyles house the nerves and blood vessels.  As usual, and thru reading various myofascial release lit its exactly the same idea that the body affect somewhere isn’t exactly where one feels the pain but further up the body in another location.

The TMJ joint is one of if not the most used joint in the body. We hold tension surrounding it, we use it when speaking or chewing gum. We even grind teeth at night keeping it active.  It’s got a lot of nerves running through the condyl part of it.  It even has its own little disc for cushioning.

I can see why misalignment would cause problems all over the body.  I know if one part of me is out of whack, it makes me  feel bad all over.  So maybe  some relief or complete relief is possible if we paid more attention to our jaw then to our teeth on dentist check ups.

Myofascial massage therapists in general are hard to locate if you need help for knots.  It’s  special training and not many have heard of it.  Sort of like the 50 or so dentists that specialize in TMJ correction that Cheryl mentioned.

I believe that the causes of PD symptoms are multifaceted like trauma, both psychological, environment and physical.  TMJ correction sounds like something that should be researched.  I’m calling the Parkinson resource people Cheryl mentioned for the symposium in Indian Wells in January.

TMJ correction makes the most sense to me of all the stuff I’ve seen on PD.  I know my jaw is wacky.  I can feel it.  I’ve started getting ear ringing now ever so often.  TMJ correction works by bringing the lower jaw forward and retraining it if I understand it  right.   I’m totally excited about this whole concept.

Thank you Robert for everything you do !!!!!


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