Toxins in the Body


Our bodies got sick because of some type of toxicity at least that is my belief.


That is certainly my belief too. it’s not for 100% of the individuals who have Parkinson’s but from our extensive work it is clearly true for a pretty significant proportion of individuals there are toxins that directly contribute to the symptoms and again is like huge body of research that has unequivocally shown that toxins do contribute to the symptoms of Parkinson’s.


How do we get rid of the toxicity that is making us sick?


That’s actually a question that I am addressing in my interviews with naturopath doctors and other health professionals who have sharp insights into how we can eliminate the toxins in our bodies. There is no a simple answer to the question. In part it depends on the nature of the toxicity that is present in the body. When you know what toxin(s) are most troublesome, you will have a better idea of what detox approaches are going to be most successful. Once the toxins are eliminated, the neural pathways can be rejuvenated. Toxins do a good job of glogging them up.

Detoxing is not a one-day event. It is not a one-week event. I believe it needs to be a lifetime event. Eliminating toxins from our bodies is something that we need to work on continuously. The good news is that there are many possibilities that can be very effective. Your body will thank you for detoxing and show its appreciation through a reduction in symptoms.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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