Transforming Beliefs about Parkinsons Disease

Below is an email I have permission to post anonymously regarding transforming the false  belief that Parkinson’s is degenerative that I addressed in my most recent Parkinsons Recovery newsletter.

This posting is anonymous for a very smart reason. The person does not want to be thought of as someone who has a “disease.”

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


I do believe that we can change the belief template, as you say.  I am doing this every day with my qi gong practice, walking, reading, talking about changing the information that my mind receives, being in the chi field of possibilities.  And it is hard work sometimes.

When symptoms change or strange new sensations show up, it’s so hard not to go into fear and dread.  Mostly the qi gong practice gives me tools with which to hold all this.  And most of the time I can say this is just my mind thinking thoughts that are not the reality.  And most of the time I am really happy and optimistic about reversing my symptoms.

I am very lucky in the three years since diagnosis they have barely progressed, mainly tremors and some lack of dexterity in my right hand.  But some days the tremors feel more frequent or stronger, I’ll be tired a lot, and I wonder is it getting worse?  How to not always think about it is the question, because it is visible when the tremors are happening.  I find that taking a vigorous walk always makes me feel better, and when I’m not too tired the qi gong practice is magical too.

Thanks again for your excellent vision and work.  Count me in as someone intending to change the paradigm for healing.

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