Trauma and Parkinson’s Disease Genes

Trauma and Parkinson’s Disease

An idea that has been floating around for decades is that we are stuck with the genes we are born with. Some people are lucky and some unlucky. If we have a gene that predicts cancer – it is likely we will get cancer. If we have the genes that are disposed to Parkinson’s disease, we are likely to develop the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Some of us are dealt a lousy hand in life.
Research in the exciting field of Epigenetics reveals this thinking is baloney. Genes can be turned on and off by “programs” that control those genes. The issue turns on not whether genes exist, but whether they are turned on or off.
What circumstance switches a gene on or off? The answer will fascinate you. It is trauma! Research shows that the tendency toward post traumatic stress (which exhibits symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s) are passed down to the next generation. Children of holocaust survivors pass down a predisposition of stress and anxiety to their offspring.
You may have always thought that there have been no significant traumatic events in your life that could account for the degree of stress and anxiety that you currently experience. When you have heard me talk about the critical role of stress and trauma in affecting Parkinson’s symptoms, you may well have dismissed my argument. Recent research clearly shows that the origins of stress can reside in the experiences of ancestors. This is why my Jump Start to Recovery course includes the tools for clearing family entanglements as well as releasing the residue of past traumas.
How could traumatic events influence whether genes are turned on or off? Simple. When something cataclysmic happens to people they will say that they are not the same person. You may well have heard yourself or friends say the same thing. There it is my friend.
Trauma changes everyone in the family system. If you remain skeptical, listen to the interview with neuro scientist and epigeneticist Rachel Yehuda who has studied epigenetic changes in holocaust survivors and their children.
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