Trauma and Parkinson’s

Jaclyn Gisburne, Ph.D. from Colorado and I have been corresponding now for four years on the connection between trauma and Parkinson’s symptoms. The focus of her work is solidly centered on helping people with Parkinson’s reverse their symptoms. Dr. Gisburne considers Parkinsons to be a condition of extreme overwhelm of the central nervous system caused by traumatic events and belief systems that were set in place in a person’s life at an early age. The connection between trauma and Parkinson’s is profound.

She and her colleagues have identified three specific early traumas that occur prior to the onset of symptoms of Parkinson’s and a final trauma with the delivery of the diagnosis. These traumatic events result in brain wave distortions that ensure the survival of the person until resolution can be achieved. However, if that resolution is not found, the distortions continue to run through the body, denying access to dopamine reserves. The body becomes exhausted by the stress and continues to decline.

Jaclyn Gisburne will present her research findings about Parkinson’s at the Parkinsons
Recovery Summit in Santa Fe February. She and her colleague will also offer private neurofeedback sessions (at a 50% discounted rate) to a limited number of persons. If you are interested in securing an appointment with her or her colleague I recommend that you do so in advance of the Summit. Her contact information is on the Summit website.


Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery


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