Treatment for TMJ to Relieve Parkinson’s SymptomsMJ

We tracked your interview with Cheryl (on the radio show) who had treatment for TMJ issues. How is she doing now? Has she stabilized? Is she continuing to improve? Has she regressed? I ask because there is a cranial facial specialist in Canada, relatively close to us, and we are considering following Cheryl’s path.

In our case, my husband does have a TMJ misalignment. The space between the TMJ and the eustachian tube, which should be abut 4 mm, is 1 mm. The misalignment is possibly as a result of tongue-thrusting as a young child.  (Try sticking your tongue out, and you will notice your lower jaw moves backwards.) Dr. Rondeau explained that this constricts blood vessels and a branch of the trigeminal nerve that pass through this space.


Cheryl sent me an update on her situation which I posted here on the blog on March 21st. Scroll down to read her update. I am happy to report that she continues to get more and more relief from her symptoms.

In my opinion, TMJ mis-alignments are one of many causes of the neurological symptoms associated with Parkinsons Disease. If it does happen to be a factor for you in particular – as it is for Cheryl – it would seem to be a very smart move to have an appliance fitted.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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