Vagus Nerve Plays Leading Role in Recovery

What is the most significant step that leads to reversal of Parkinson’s symptoms?
Answer: Reduce anxiety

But wait here you say. I have done everything imaginable to get my anxiety under control but with little success.

A little known solution that supports the parasympathetic nervous system (which is the key to reducing anxiety) is to stimulate and cleanse the vagus nerve. What is the big deal about the vagus nerve?

Its function has a direct impact on brain health. This nerve wonders through every organ including the digestive system, lungs and even the heart. Toxins not only clog the vagus nerve, they contaminate the brain and other organs as well.

Essential oil therapists recommend specific oils to cleanse the vagus like clove. Therapies are recommended to stimulate the vagus nerve with acupressure  that apply gentle pressure to the nerve itself.

Just introduced is a novel therapy that stimulates vagus nerve function – a Vagus photobiomodulation (light therapy) device from Vielight. I predict the Vagus device will prove successful in taming down the sympathetic nervous system which will reduce anxieties and anxiety attacks. This in turn will lead to a symptom relief.

1.Get anxiety under control.
2. A reduction in the severity of symptoms results.

Check it out this out especially if you know anxiety is problematic for you. I predict this new invention will offer welcome relief for many.

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Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery 



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