What causes Parkinson’s symptoms?

There exists a wide variety of factors that can inflame Parkinson’s symptoms.  Of course, everyone knows dopamine is often deficient, but what is the cause of this? The most important reason that symptoms flare up is unrelenting anxiety caused by stress.

Members of my global audience consistently say they had to deal with extremely stressful situations  before their symptoms became problematic. Reports vary but always involve challenges in their life that result in high anxiety and stress.

  • Perhaps their business confronted financial or legal problems.
  • Perhaps a family member died.
  • Perhaps a child became addicted to alcohol or street drugs.
  • Perhaps there was a stressful divorce.

Regardless of the specifics, anxiety persists day in and day out, week after week.  The stressful circumstances do not let up. Relaxation is not an option. Worry is constant. The neurological system becomes locked on overdrive.

Feelings triggered by the continuous onslaught of stressful circumstances get stuck in the body like super glue. To celebrate a relief of symptoms, any and all trauma that has been  trapped in the cellular structure of the body has to be released.

  • Is your body rigid?
  • Are you often anxious?
  • Is stress unrelenting?

The best way to calm and even eliminate symptoms  is to address and release traumas from the past including childhood. In doing so the body  becomes flexible, calmer and less stressed.

I have developed a free course which offers ways to release the traumas that are trapped in your physical body. Click on the link below to register:

Jump Start to Recovery Crash Course  

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery


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