What Causes Parkinsons?

Below I have posted a clip of my 2009 interview with Naturopath Daniel Newman ND who answers my question: what causes Parkinsons?

He offers the common sense observation that environmental toxins cause them. Nonetheless, the conventional treatment protocol focuses on putting new substances and medications into the body, not eliminating the toxins that have created the problem.

Do most medical professionals focus on detoxing their patients who experience Parkinson’s symptoms? You know that answer to this question!

Detoxing is typically not a benign process. If the detoxification process overwhelms the elimination organs (the liver, kidney, large intestine, skin) you can become very ill indeed. Some members of my global audience tell me they were rushed to intensive care at their local hospital because symptoms became so severe.

Before a detox program is undertaken, all the organs required for a successful detox regimen need to be supported and fully functional.

If your elimination organs are not equipped to process the excess of toxins a process of “re-distribution” takes place. A toxic substance residing in a harmless location (like for example your buttock) is mobilized into circulation. Where does it land?

The body does not deposit the circulating toxin in the heart or lungs. These organs are  critical to survival. No. The body wisely deposits the circulating toxin to the extremities – the hands, feet and guess what? The brain. What was originally a harmless toxin lodged in a harmless tissue becomes a toxin that does considerable harm.

Daniel Newman points like that a successful detox program is just like cooking a delicious soup. You need to right ingredients in the right amounts introduced at the right time. Slow cooking is preferred over microwave blasts!

Summary: Is detoxing important for a person experiencing Parkinsons symptoms? Of course! Do you want to get rid of the toxins quickly? Of course. Should you? Duh. No. Best to collaborate with a qualified health care practitioner skilled with successful detox protocols.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery
Twenty Five Cent Wisdom
Olympia Washington

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