What is Bowen Therapy?


Do you have an explanation of Bowen Therapy on your website? I would like one please.



The Bowen Technique involves a gentle, rolling touch over the muscles and tisses of the body with only very light contact. The ‘rolls’ either tighten or loosen muscles depending on the way the move is done.

The practitioner will stimulate sets of meridian points, with pauses, to allow the body to respond to the stimulation. The Bowen Technique releases built-up stress and trauma that has been trapped in the muscles and tissues of the body. Clients describe experiences of profound relaxation after a session, often falling asleep during the treatment.

The Bowen Technique stimulates the stretch and golgi tendon reflexes as well as joint proprioceptors in a way that heightens the sensory awareness of the body in the area worked on. This can lead to strange sensations such as heat release, tingling and a general increased awareness of the areas being worked.

A typical session takes place over 30 to 45 minutes, with occasional short breaks during the session to allow the body to respond to the treatment. Sessions are usually part of a series of three to five sessions, beginning with general stress loading points such as the lower and upper back, before moving on to problem areas specific to the person being treated.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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