X39 Stem Cell Patches

Ian kindly gave me permission to post his experience using the X39 stem cell patches. His report follows.

I have had to 2 large squamous cell carcinomas removed in the past which, unlike others like them, did not respond to a cream I use. One was taken off by a surgeon under an anesthetic where I was conscience but didn’t feel the surgery.  Recently another one appeared but this time the cream worked perfectly! I had not long started on the X39 patches at that stage.

I have a dark patch on my face which look a bit like a melanoma which has been shrinking since I started  using the X39 patches.

My taste and smell certainly seems to be in proving. I had to go back to an old liquid B complex and found it extremely bad tasting. I always tolerated it well before.

One guy who buys through me as product partner who has been diagnosed  with Parkinson’s and Osteoarthritis. He reported that within 15 minutes of putting on the patch he could feel less pain in his left knee and it has continued to improve. He said that his PD has changed with not as  much dribbling and a slight improvement in tremors.




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