Ayurvedics as a Treatment for Parkinson’s Symptoms

I am french (29 years old) and have problems related to my nervous system, similar to essential tremor but with minor symptoms. I have tremors only sometimes and little ones, but I am scared that it will get worse in the future.

I am following an ayurvedic treatment with Doctor Joshi who has clinic in Nagpur (maybe you know) and I think  it is good. I saw on the internet about Doctor Paneri in Gujarat in India who claims to have great results with neurological problems.

My question is simple. What you think about his approach. Is it serious?


One of the interviews in Pioneers of Recovery (www.pioneersofrecovery.com) is with a man Nathan Zakheim, who used Dr. Paneri’s ayurvedic approach to heal. He is symptom free today. I have some evidence that the ayurvedic approach can be a huge benefit to people.

It takes a huge commitment to pursue this approach. The dietary requirements are very strict. I have known of people who tried the ayurvedic approach, but abandoned it because of the strict dietary requirements.

I personally believe that the root of many symptoms lies in the gut. Getting your digestive system back on line and fully functional is a key to being able to fully and completely recover. Ayurvedics is an excellent approach to accomplish this goal.

Dr. Paneri’s family has treated people with neurological problems for many generations so he is certainly no “fly by night.” Know that there are also many experienced ayurvedic practitioners in the US, Canada and other countries as well.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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