Best Things in Life are Free

The Best Things in Life are Free!!

Good evening Robert,

So I’ve been reading these great books written by a guy named, Robert Rodgers, PhD…have you heard of him?

I was reading about energy healing, amongst a myriad of protocols and treatments suggested. I proceeded to type in a google search: energy healing in Hollywood for free. Long story short…there is a spiritual community that is literally 5 minutes from where I live, and every Tuesday night, they welcome people for 1/2 hr hands on energy healing…cost: zero.

They train these healers and it’s all very legit. So I called, made an appointment and Tuesday night I went. Sat erect in a chair with my hands on my legs. My right hand tremor was very apparent. 10 minutes in, my 4 fingers stopped shaking…my thumb continued. Then, at 15 minutes…my entire hand stopped shaking for the duration of the session, and it didn’t come back till I was outside. Amazing!

The best news is that they suggested me coming every Tuesday night indefinitely!!
Robert, it’s true…

The best things in life are free!!

Blessings, Marsha

One thought on “Best Things in Life are Free

  1. Hi Marsha, my son in law have the same symptoms. Can you give us the contact info for that community, please?
    God bless you, Armando

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