Sound Therapy for Brain Injuries

I have a friend that suffered a major brain hemorrhage and is recovering. He can stand with assistance and has a goal of 5 metres but is still unable to walk. In your opinion, do you think that playing music would help him to get moving?

What an interesting possibiity to consider. There is no question but that sound is healing for many issues in the body. They question for your friend turns on what sounds to use to get the therapeutic benefit. What music do they like to hear? It would likely be beneficial for them to hear the sounds they love to hear!

When it comes to sound therapy, I would contact an expert to get some advise and support. I have interviewed two fascinating individuals on Parkinsons Recovery Recovery Radio who your friend might contact to get some additional direction:

Dr. Suzanne Jonas

Sharry Edwards

They each have been guests on Parkinsons Recovery Radio several times. You can listen to the recording of the previous shows to learn more about their approach and work.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease





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