Let It Happen

Much of my work at Parkinsons Recovery over the past decade has been dedicated to identifying all sorts of options that are helping people reverse their symptoms. This has been important work and it seems I am the only researcher in the world doing this type of research. Everyone else is very focused on a narrow issue (as was I when employed as a professor). If you do not focus narrowly as a  professor, you do not get promoted or tenured. I succeed with the promotions and tenure but contributed little to the world in terms of insights and revelations.

What is my revelation this week?  I believe we do not need to struggle for the answer. The journey down the road to recovery need not be a war of us against a “disease.” I believe the answer comes quite naturally and effortlessly as long as we allow it to float in and “have its way.”

What do I mean here? If we are struggling to find a solution, we are activating all of the hormones and systems in our bodies that sustain neurological problems. If we are always on the go – searching and struggling to solve the problem – our bodies are never able to hang back and get the rest and space that it needs to heal.

Believe me when I say that the body really does know how to heal. Just give your body the power to heal and let recovery unfold gently in its own time. Focus on the health side rather than the disease side.

Yes, it may take a little time to come back into balance. No one ever said (certainly not me) that the body can heal quickly or instantly.  Allow it a little time and patience. Then, relish in the signals and signs of recovery as they unfold gradually and effortless over the coming months.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease 

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