Parkinsons Symptoms Relief

Experience Relief from Parkinson’s Symptoms

What is virtually guaranteed to experience relief from Parkinson’s symptoms? Answer: Reduce stress. When stress sizzles, symptoms are bound to flare up. The strong correlation between stress and Parkinson’s symptoms is scary.

What can you do today to experience a reversal of your Parkinson’s symptoms? The answer is clear: Reduce your stress level. How in the world do you accomplish such a formidable agenda?

I have asked countless individuals who currently experience Parkinson’s symptoms about what stresses them out. The most frequent response has been: Dealing with difficult people stresses them out the most.

I took this insight to heart and developed a new online Udemy course: How to Deal with Difficult People. Content of the course provides practical ways to reduce the stress that is fueled by dealing with the difficult people in your life.

Check out my new course! Here is a link that includes a 50% discount on the course tuition.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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