Dehydration: A Consequence of Hot Weather

Dehydration causes serious neurological problems if you do not take action now. Why ask for more problems?

When I ask people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease the question “Do you drink enough water” the answer I hear most often is “no.” This is summer time in the western hemisphere. It is already sizzling hot in many places in the US and elsewhere.

Look out if the neural pathways dry out. The neurological system has to be “wet” and “juicy” to function. Toxins stick to the neurons like glue.

I just recorded a new YouTube video to inspire everyone to drink more water because of the problems in the body that are causes by dehydration.  Listen right now to get inspired to hydrate your cells. Say “no” to dehydration today.

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All about the Aquas Hydration Formulas: 


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