Panic Attacks and Anxiety

How to Solve the Problem of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

When panic attacks strike and anxiety sizzles, Parkinson’s symptoms get

  • What was a modest gait problem becomes unbearable.
  • What was a minor challenge with speaking clearly and loudly becomes major.

And – it all happens in a flash – as if a thunder bolt strikes you head on. What can be done to avert panic attacks and calm down anxiety?

One option is to take extra medications or supplements which can numb the problem.
Unfortunately, medications do not always work, particularly when a panic attack is unexpected as always seems to be the case.

I believe the smartest solution is to find practical ways to switch the high anxiety
switch to “off” without having to rely on medications and supplements. Put yourself in control, not the medicines. You can always respond instantly when needed when you are in the driver’s seat.

I am impressed with a program titled “Panic Away” which helps turn down the volume of anxiety and panic attacks. I recommend you check out the presentation on their website.

When you enter your email, you receive a link to a free 10 minute audio that is excellent. I found their way of dealing with attacks to be useful, practical and novel.

Check out their approach. They have excellent information on their website. Be sure to get the download and listen to the audio recording. It will exhaust 10 minutes out of your day but the benefit will be worth the trouble. It was for me.

Click on the link below. Enter you name (any name) and your email and they will send you a link to the free audio download in your email.  Download the audio to your computer or phone. Listen when needed!

Panic Away

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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