Dentists in Australia Qualified to Give TMJ Assessments


Hi Robert,

I’ve just listened to Cheryl’s fascinating story. Thank you for making it available

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been challenged by Parkinson’s since 1998 and now I’m 59. I am a man.

Could you kindly direct me to where I can find a list of dentists providing this retainer device – and specifically the one that Cheryl went to? Or perhaps you could put em in touch with her via email. Thanks. Of course if you have any info about dentists providing this in Australia then of course that would be much appreciated.

Robert thank you so much for your prompt assistance with this request.


Melbourne Australia


Click on the link below and you will find a listing of  dentists in Australia who are qualified to do the assessment and make the TMJ appliance. There is a listing of one dentist in Melbourne.

I have forwarded your correspondence to Cheryl so you can connect directly with her.

My goal for each of my weekly radio shows is to have information that people can act on to get sustained relief from their symptoms. I am so happy to learn that you found this program helpful. Please keep listening!

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