Liver and Kidney Detoxes


Can Parkinson’s be caused by problems in either kidney or liver?  If so, would detoxification of these organs help relieve tremors?



Research has shown that many of the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease – and there are many – can be caused by toxins. The kidneys and liver get clogged up with a residue of toxins that create a formidable bottleneck in the elimination system. New toxins that enter the body have no where to go other than hide away inside the cells. Cells are a nice place to hang out.

My answer to your question is yes. Detoxes for everyone – those with a diagnosis of Parkinsons and those without – are a critical component of health and wellness. Think of detoxing your kidneys and liver to be the same chore as brushing your teeth. Both are necessary. Both need to be done on a regular basis.

Will a liver-kidney detox relieve tremors? The answer depends on whether you are also able to release the stress and trauma that may be trapped at the cellular level of your body. Toxins are impossible to release as long as trauma resides within the structural membrane of the cells.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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4 thoughts on “Liver and Kidney Detoxes

  1. How do you release stress and trauma at cellular level. How do you know you have it?

  2. Hi:

    This is an awesome question. Actually, I am preparing a webinar where I answer it. Yep – it will take me some time to provide a full
    and complete explanation. Be sure you are signed up to receive the free Parkinsons Recovery newsletter. I will send out the annonncement
    when I offer the program soon to the newsletter list.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  3. Good Friday afternoon!! I just got home from doctor, they have found a kidney stone, a gall stone and my urethra has been blocked for sometime(probably not formed right at birth)-What are your thoughts about this being related to my PD?
    and what suggestions do you have as far as going forward?
    I love the Monday shows when I remember…You are awesome!! Have a great weekend.
    Cherylyn Holdefer

  4. Hi Cherylyn:

    The issues you confront are likely calcification issues. In such cases the liver does not know what to do with calcium so it will send
    the excess to the gall bladder which creates stones or kidneys or both. I would talk with your doctor about healing your liver.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    2017 Update to Road to Recovery from Parkinosns Disease


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