Exciting News of Recovery

Good morning Robert.

I am as high as the 4th of July – no pun intended. I saw my neurologist yesterday – he is the head of the Movement Disorder Clinic in Vancouver, BC. They could find very few symptoms of Parkinson’s and were quite amazed. He said that the neurosurgeon who will call me about DBS surgery will probably say that I am doing too well!

I did keep asking them if they wanted to know why I was doing so well and I mentioned antioxidants, change in attitude, changes in diet and increased exercises … There were two nurses in the room who are also with this program and at the end of the appointment I asked them if they wanted to talk with me but they declined. I just hope that I have planted some seeds for change here.

I thought you two would be interested in the remarks of my holistic physiotherapist who I have been seeing for 12 years – she has been super for me.

Marilyn, huge congratulations! That is fantastic news and I know you will find the people who are receptive to your message to pass it on to. You’ve done great healing with your intention, positivity and openness to what is possible.

You’re a great role model of the healing journey and I’m very appreciative that you have shared part of your journey with me.

Thank you.

Warmth and Light,


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