Treatments for Tremors

I have a non-Parkinson’s essential tremor, also known as a familial tremor. Does anything you do address any of these types of symptoms? I would love to know if you address the symptoms separately or the condition itself?

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My response will likely come as somewhat of a surprise to you. I approach symptoms from the perspective of a researcher. My approach is markedly different than the approach taken by medical doctors. Medical doctors are trained and qualified at diagnosing illness.

From your question, I gather that a diagnosis has been declared. Once the diagnosis is made, medical doctors are in a position to prescribe specific treatment protocols in the form of prescription medicines and/or surgeries. Be advised that I am not qualified or trained to practice medicine in this manner.

I have a quite different perspective. I do not believe that diagnosing conditions is conducive to health and wellness. Once we fall into the trap of wondering what is wrong with our bodies by insisting on a formal diagnosis, we embrace a plethora of negative thought forms that have very low frequency. Wondering what is wrong with our bodies is not the route to health and wellness. The diagnostic approach is depressing. It also depresses our life force.

More importantly, a diagnostic approach to health assumes that the solutions falls outside of us. Someone else surely has a medicine or a surgery that will fix us. This disempowers our ability to heal. I believe that all healing comes from a place within each of us and that we all have the capacity and power to heal. The more I learn about the body, the more I honor the miracle of life.

In the second edition of my book, Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease, I do include some of the treatments for tremors that people have reported to me help them get relief. But I must say, if there is a tremor, the more important question to ask is:

What is your body telling you?

If a tremor is present, something is out of balance. You can treat a symptom such as a tremor, but why not get to the root reason your tremor? Once you identify the cause, you can address it rather than trying to mask the symptom.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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