Health Affirmations

Health Affirmations

Many people who currently experience the symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease focus their primary attention on therapies that have helped other people in similar circumstances reverse their own symptoms. Such a strategy of recovery can be invigorating and yield exciting victories. There may however be an undercurrent process which ultimately undermines your success with reclaiming your health. What in the world might this be?

Most people do not acknowledge that there is often an unconscious process that undermines a positive intention to heal. Since the process is entirely unconscious it is hidden and thus impossible to detect. Why might a person’s subconscious be undermining their positive intent to recover?

There are many reasons of course, but the person is getting something out of being sick that they would not get if they were well. Perhaps they are getting disability payments or special attention from family and friends. Perhaps they finally have a perfectly justifiable excuse to quit a job they have never liked doing.  If a person is getting something out of being sick, it will be virtually impossible to heal.

I believe that everyone has unconscious processes at work. We all wind up sabotaging our best and highest intentions at one time or another.  I know I do. The first step in paving a clear and unobstructed pathway down the road to recovery is to acknowledge that unconscious processes do exist that undermine our good intentions.  The second step is to take a minute out of every day to state your intention to recover with a clear and loud voice.

My suggestion is to print out the health affirmations below, attach them to your refrigerator and say them out loud each and every day for 40 days.

My intention is to maintain health and wellness for myself.

I admire and model people who are healthy.

Health makes life more enjoyable.

I am healthy when I do what I love.

I deserve to be healthy because I add value to other people’s lives.

I receive compliments and gifts from others with an open heart.

I am grateful for the health I have now.

Opportunities to reverse any and all symptoms always come my way.

My capacity to reclaim full health and wellness expands each and every day.

If there is no unconscious current which is undermining your recovery, the task of  saying the statements above for 40 days will strengthen your intention and facilitate your recovery. If, on the other hand, there is an unconscious process at play which is undermining your good intention to reverse symptoms, you will not succeed in saying the statements out loud for 40 days. You might succeed for 30 days – but suddenly you skip a day.

Saying the health affirmations above out loud only takes a minute each day, yet you forget to do it. It was not because you did not have enough time!

When you realize that you “forgot” to state your affirmations, you will know that there must be something that you are getting out of your disease that you are not acknowledging.

And if this is the case, what do you do? Acknowledge that there must be part of you that does not want to get well. It is no big deal. We all sabotage ourselves in one way or another. The most important step is to acknowledge it.

Then, simply begin saying your affirmations again starting with day one. See if you get through 40 days without missing a day. If you succeed, celebrate your success with paving an unobstructed road to recovery. If you forget again, start the 40 ritual again. Maybe three times will be a charm.

If three times is not a charm, why not simply accept the reality that you are getting something out of being sick that may actually be worth all the trouble?

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Five Steps to Recovery

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