Here is a brief explanation of how the Hivemapper dashcam works. Once you have purchased the dashcam from Hivemapper and set it up on your car, you can begin earning honey tokens which can be converted to cash.
Visit the hivemapper website below for more information and to order a dashcam. I just noticed that the cost of a dashcam is listed currently at only $300, not $600.
Use coupon code earn to claim a 10% discount on purchase of a dashcam.

Below is an image of the dashcam mounted on the front windshield of my car,

The dashcam connects with a wire to my battery charger. Below is an image of the connection to my car charger.  The connection is made with a wire (not shown) from the dashcam to the charger.

As I drive, the dashcam sends the images and video to my phone. Below is an image of how my phone displays the images as I drive. This image was taken shortly after I started my errands for the day. Note the number at the top in the middle (101). This is the number of images downloaded from the dashcam to the phone:

Below is a follow-up image midway through my errands showing  1542 images have now been download.

Once I return home, the images from the phone are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Every week there is an upload of honey tokens to my phantom wallet which displays the total dollar value earned. The token price varies considerably over time. More tokens can be made in the early stages of mapping (which is now) when many roads have not been mapped. You earn more tokens for mapping new routes than routes (such as interstates) that have been mapped extensively.

This is a new initiative, so the time to cash in is now!

Robert Rodgers PhD
Olympia, Washington

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