When Will the Tremors Get Better?


My relative has been exercising regularly since her hand tremor first started 1 year ago.  She has also been eating healthy and has been eating approximately 70% vegetable/fruits vs 30% meat.  Also, she has started taking multivitamins and N-Acetylcysteine over the last two months however the tremor has not improved.

Are there some other nutritional supplements that she should be taking (or things she should be doing)?  She is also on the selegiline prescribed by the doctor (although no one can fully guarantee she has PD).

Does drinking one or two cups of coffee per day stop tremors altogether?  Or two cups of Green Tea?

When would her tremors get better?




Wouldn’t it be so sweet if we could find a supplement or treatment that would resolve tremors? My research shows that a multifaceted approach is required.

First, it is clear that your relative wants the tremor halted. After all, who wouldn’t want this? There are a few herbs that might help – and certainly there are supplements that are deficient in most people with Parkinsons (e.g., CoQ10, vitamin D3, NADH, etc.). Instead of driving down this pathway, however, I suggest you ask a different question.

Your relative’s body is giving them a strong signal something is out of balance. Do they have an overload of toxins? If so, taking supplements is not the answer.

Is there trauma trapped at the cellular level? Again, supplements or medicines can mask the tremor – but the underlying cause remains.

Is your relative holding a seed thought that is not true which fuels the tremor? If so, taking supplements of any type are not the answer in the long run.

You ask – when will her tremors get better? The answer is – that some herbal and medicinal treatments can reduce the tremors temporarily. But if she wants the tremors to stop – she will have to step back and find out what her body is telling her. Her body is giving her valuable information. Her most important job is to listen to the messages she is getting.

You can’t do that work for her. She has to figure it out for herself.

  • Perhaps she is under extreme stress and her body is telling her to slow down or change jobs or chill out.
  • Perhaps she is using a soap or detergent that is toxic.
  • Perhaps she is being exposed to electromagnetic pollution.
  • Perhaps …

I assure you the list of possibilities is very long indeed.

If she is serious about solving the current challenge she faces with her tremor, suggest that she attend the Parkinsons Recovery Summit and Jump Start to Wellness which we are offering March 7-9 in Vancouver, Washington. We teach everyone how to listen to the messages their body sends to them.

Her body has the answers. She just has to start listening.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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