Is Sinemet Necessary for Recovery from Parkinson’s


John Coleman, ND mentioned in his book Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’ that Aqua Hydration Formulas ( comprise 60% of the therapy, while Bowen therapy 25%.

What makes up the remaining 15%? Does Sinemet (or herbal like Mucuna) fit into it? If so, does it go to say that we cannot recover from Parkinson’s without including Sinemet in the regime?

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Dr. John Coleman has offered the fascinating estimates you note above based on his personal experience with recovery and with treating others with Parkinsons in his capacity as a naturopath doctor. Simply summarized, his experience is that when the body is properly hydrated and trauma is released using Bowen therapy, the body is in a position to heal itself. Better hydration is of course also plays a critical role in detoxing heavy metals and pesticides from the tissues of the body which have a clear and direct impact on symptoms.

In my conversations with many people who are on the road to recovery, some have an immediate, positive response  from beginning to take the Aquas homeopathic remedy designed to hydrate the body. Other people must continue taking Aquas for several months before relief is detected. Others see improvement, but not in the range of the 60% that John reports. And of course a few do not observe any detectable result.

The bottom line for all therapies is this: They work beautifully and profoundly for some people, but not others. I believe the underlying factors that cause the symptoms and multifaceted and vary considerably from person to person.

Permit me to extend my explanation further by reference to Sinemet (which must be prescribed by a neurologist) or mucuna or fava beans which are natural sources of dopamine and do not require a doctor’s prescription. Some people report that the quality of their lives improves markedly after taking either Sinemet or fava beans or mucuna. Other people report trying them but see no positive impact. Some people who take Sinemet feel worse from the side effects.

In the end, it depends on the underlying reasons for the person’s symptoms and on the body’s response to whatever treatment is being tendered.

In specific response to your question,

“Does it go to say that we cannot recover from Parkinson’s without including Sinemet in the regime?”

The answer for some people is no and for other people it is yes. Believe me when I say I do not mean to waffle here. It is the simple truth. I interviewed people in Pioneers of Recovery who took no Sinemet but are symptom free today. Other people take dopamine supplements of one form or another and do better on them than off.

The good news of the day is that anything is possible. As I document on this blog and in my books such as Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease, there are many therapies that help people get sustained relief from their symptoms. Sinemet and the other dopamine enhancing supplements provide a source of relief, but they are only one among many other options.

In conclusion, the factors that contribute to the symptoms are extremely complex. If you hold the belief that a rigid formula will help you recover, I suspect the chances are pretty good that you will be disappointed with the outcome.  There are certainly some people who might lead high quality lives from taking [Aquas + Bowen therapy + Sinemet], but that happens to be the solution set that works well for them. It may do little for you.

Dr. Coleman, ND never actually took Sinemet himself, but is symptom free today. Depending on personal circumstances, he does prescribe Sinemet to some of his patients.

I believe Parkinson’s is the most complex and multidimensional illness that exists in our world today. It all depends. Commit to a personal path of recovery and you will begin to feel better with each passing day. Chances are good that your solution set will be unique to your needs and the requirements of your body.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
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