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Toxin buildup in the body is one of the probable causes of PD. As we know, the liver is our body’s major waste converter. What do we do to keep the liver in top shape? Also, what is the best supplement to give the liver especially when one has PD?

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The question you raise is critically important for persons with Parkinsons. Research has definitely shown that heavy metals and pesticides have a direct impact on the symptoms of Parkinsons. As you point out, the liver plays a huge role in this drama. The bowels and kidneys are also lead actors. I like to think of detoxing from the perspective of all the body’s elimination organs.

Perhaps the most important factor to a successful detox is better hydration. Many people are unaware they are dehydrated. If cells are not adequately hydrated, waste does not have a prayer of being eliminated regardless of the detox method you use.  John Coleman, ND recommends people used Aquas ( , a homeopathic remedy designed to help the body take in water and distribute it to the cells. Clearly, the intake of sufficient quantities of water is important.

I believe many people underestimate the value of colon cleanses. Regular colon cleanses can take the burden off the shoulders of the liver and kidneys.

Eating unprocessed foods also takes a huge burden off the liver. Fresh vegetables and pure water can do wonders for the liver. Some people with Parkinsons use a brief fast to cleanse the liver, though these decisions should of course be pursued under the close consultation of your doctor.

In part, the best detox method depends on the type of toxins that are present in the body. Testing can be done by a naturopath doctor or medical doctor to pinpoint the specific toxins that are present in the body. Naturopath Ivy Faber uses bioenergetic testing which scans the body for toxins and other problems :


Doctors also have tests to identify the presence of specific toxins that may be causing the symptoms. There are specific detox methods for specific toxins, so it really depends on the specifics. This is such a specialized area that some medical practices specialize in helping people detox their bodies.

By way of example, one detox method that can successfully remove heavy metals according to my interviews with doctors and other health professionals is zeolite, a substance that is derived from the ashes of volcanoes.

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