Medication Side Effects of Fear and Anger

I am suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 5 years. Presently I am taking Entacom Plus and Pacetane 3 times daily. But recently I observed that I am mentally disturbed. I am not able to work easily. I am not able to put myself stable. An unknown fear or angry is developing in me.

Kindly let me know the remedy



By your description, it certainly sounds like you are experiencing the medication side effects in the form of fear and anger. People react differently to medications. Some people have no side effects and experience only the benefits of the medications. Others – and it appears you fall into this category of people – can experience debilitating side effects.

I wish I could report there is a simple remedy for this problem – perhaps a pill that would solve the problem. Alas, such simple solutions are not available. I am quite sure this is not the response you were hoping to hear, but it is the honest truth.

At a minimum you can read the list of side effects that you will find in the prescription inserts that your pharmacist will have. This would likely pinpoint the problem.
It is possible however that the problem you are experiencing is triggered by the particular combination of both medications taken together. That is to say, taking one medications may not be problematic for you, but when both are consumed, certain processes are triggered in your body that are creating the alarming fear and anger.

It is possible the problem may be solved by eliminating one or both medications or finding substitutes. Work with your doctor to explore alternatives. Keep in mind that with most
prescription medications, it is not advisable to stop taking them. The consequences can be disastrous. For most medications, you must reduce the dosage you take very slowly and very deliberately. Make these decisions in close consultation with your doctor.

I would also suggest that you approach the challenge you are facing from a new perspective. While the medications appear to be triggering anger and fear, everyone holds both
in their subconscious. We all have anger that is repressed and that is contained at the cellular level of our body. We all hold fear that we suppress as well.

A healthy approach is simply to acknowledge that everyone confronts the issues that you describe in your question. The only difference is that these issues – dealing with fear
and anger – are very difficult to manage and keep under control right now.

There are many powerful therapies you might explore that invite your body to release all of the repressed fear and anger that are making it difficult for you to function right now. Since I do not know where you live or what country you are from, I am not in a position to be specific here. I invite you to begin your own search for therapists you offer such services.
Approach your investigation by searching for people who work with the body rather than the mind. Such therapies will likely be much more helpful than talk therapists for the challenges that you describe in your question.

The solution lies deep within. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to acknowledge it will take time, clear intent and patience to resolve the challenges you currently confront.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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