Music as Therapy for Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease

I  got Parkinson’s disease 18 years ago and have decided to get rid of it !!!! I have started to seriously practice chineng qi-gong and hope I will be able to reduce my medication soon. I do not have the shivering version of PD but the moving disorder. In off times I can hardly walk but under medication I am doing not so bad.

I have developed a very interesting  way of being able to walk when I can`t walk. it is listening with mp3 player to specially rhythmic music at 104 metronome beats per minute  like the Radetzky march by Strauss.

I concentrate on the music and I start as if  everything would be normal. Other people should try it. My experience of walking  with marching music has been really incredible because there is no  medicine that would make it possible for me to walk immediately during an off period.


Thanks for giving me permission to post your most fascinating report of how music makes it possible to you to walk during your off periods.  How cool is that!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pioneers of Recovery

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