Another Natural Therapy for Parkinsons: Bare Back Horse Riding

Remarkable stories of natural therapies keep rolling in. Have you every considered giving bare back horse riding a trial run?  The progress report from Hanne below (whose case story was posted on the Parkinsons Recovery Blog last year)  would inspire anyone to give horse back riding consideration!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Pi0neers of Recovery

Hanne was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 1998 by a neurologist and again in 1999 by two other neurologists. She had a PET-scan in 2000. The result was a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in the early stages.

Hanne stopped taking Parkinson’s medications in 2000 and has adopted her own approach to treating her disease. Her balance and muscle strength was very bad at that time.You can read her full case story posted here on the blog by clicking on Parkinsons disease .

Horse riding is a good way to facilitate better balance and strengthen muscles. Hanne is riding her Icelandic horse Jari nearly every day, but once or twice a week she rides bare back as it facilitates better balance and strengthens the muscles even more. Below is a photo from Hanne from October 2011 as she rides in a gallop up a hill. Hanne was born in 1954.

Hanne Gallops on her Horse Bare Back Up a Hill
Bare Back Horse Ridding by Hanne

5 thoughts on “Another Natural Therapy for Parkinsons: Bare Back Horse Riding

  1. My husband has Parkinson’s disease and young onset Alz. He loves horses. We reais Quarter horses, he trained and managed a huge cattle ranch with many hours in the saddle. His love and password is passion! We raised cattl, lived on a ranch raise nag can tl. We now live in a mobile home park, which he hates! He sits and watches tv all day and is depressed! On disibility due to many arthritis surgeries. Delima ? A strong, healthy, independent and prideful man. Not social and not a people person. How can I get him in horses again?

  2. Hi:

    Of course only he can make the decision to hop back onto horses. In most localities there are organizations that use horses for healing autism and other diseases in children. Perhaps he could volunteer for such an organization.

    Robert Rodgers PhD
    Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  3. My husband has Parkinson plus. And many surgeries on back and hips. Can we do work on ground with my 3 horses or is best value from riding ?

  4. We are forming a horse therapy group specific to Parkinson’s patients. Please reach out to me if you’re in the San Diego area!

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