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Michael’s Journey on the Road to Recovery

Michael sent me this update on his journey down the road to recovery and gave me permission to post it here along with his email. ”

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


I haven’t written in a long time, so I’m going to jump right in.michael day

Crucial context

It is my experience and my belief from research that the human body-mind is innately curative. As long as there is ample energy (prana, chi) present,
and as long as the body-mind is effectively nurtured and supported in natural, compassionate, and non invasive ways; homeostasis is achieved/reclaimed if… that is ultimately what is meant to occur.

At this point, I can no longer see Parkinson’s strictly as a disease.

For a certain percentage of the global population, the body-mind reaches a critical mass of chronic illness and for these people their breakdown manifests what we call the symptoms of Parkinson’s. What confounds the medical community is that these symptoms display slightly or greatly differently in each person. This is because the critical mass of chronic illness
is never going to be the same in each person.
Unless drugs or surgery are chosen as a response to the symptoms of Parkinson’s…those of us who are dealing with this situation are basically on our own.


Five years of rigorous research has revealed a number of natural treatments
that a (usually) small number of people had used to successfully eliminate the symptoms of Parkinson’s. After much due diligence…I felt intuitionally led to try a number of these approaches. So far, each of my attempts to eliminate the symptoms of Parkinson’s have failed. Why…?
I suspect now that the critical mass of chronic illness in my body was too different from the critical mass of chronic illness in the bodies of those who had achieved success and/or…the scope of the particular treatments I was led to choose was not broad or deep enough to respond to enough of my particular array of imbalances to make a difference.
Some of the blogs created by people who have cleared the symptoms of Parkinson’s by natural means often have a statement at the end of their blog entries: DON’T EVER STOP RESEARCHING AND EXPERIMENTING! As long as I am able…I won’t!


After reflecting on all the approaches I have tried, a few things became clear.
Each time I decided on an approach, usually after much reading, meditating and prayer, emailing, phone, Skype video interviews, etc… the chosen direction always seemed comprehensive at that time. However, each time I failed, the experience always taught me where my vision had actually been shortsighted. Being careful at these times… to not fall into disappointment, impatience, depression, or self pity…what I learned from each failure
was always what partly led me to the next possibility which was always revealed to be more comprehensive.


Where I am now


 1. I have just started with a new team: A recently retired neurologist who is also an Ayurvedic physician. A medical doctor who is also an Ayurvedic physician and homeopath and runs an Ayurvedic hospital in India.
I am in an 8 month program utilizing diet, cutting edge nutraceuticals,
very strong herbs, and homeopathics. Both practitioners have much experience with clearing the symptoms of Parkinson’s. The program will concentrate a lot on the brain/gut connection.


One of the only real longings I have at this point is to return to India.
I would like to live at an Ayurvedic medical hospital/community for 6 months to a year so that I could undergo 5,000 year old profound restorative treatments. I have been to India twice and it has always felt like my true home and also a place of great healing on many levels for me.


2. After 10 months of saving, we can finally purchase a cutting edge machine that produces concentrated molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen produces a hormone called ghrelin in the gut. Clinical trials have shown that increasing ghrelin in the gut has induced remarkable sustainable recovery in many people dealing with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.


3. Twice a day, I directly treat my brain by pulsing very strong electromagnets.


4. Radiance Healing

Radiance Healing flows into the mind, body and soul on a fundamental level, providing positive effects in all these areas. This energy pours divine light to the soul and gradually dissolves accumulated negative qualities. Over the course of receiving the energy for one year, the energy permeates into one’s system profoundly on the body, mind and soul levels.


Healing Effects

Fatigue & Stress Reduction; Improvement of Migraine, Shoulder & Back Pains, Anxiety, Irritability, and High Blood Pressure; Relief from Climacteric Distress; Recovery from Pre & Post Delivery; Recovery from Surgery; Over All Health Improvement & Health Maintenance; Disease Prevention; Relief Allergic Rhinitis & Other Allergic Symptoms; Improving Various Chronic Symptoms; Boost Vitality & Spirit of People with Chronic Fatigue; Raising the Spiritual Conscious Mind.

Currently Researching 



Current Physical Condition 

It’s been 2 years now since I have been able to leave the condo and take a walk. Thank god 20 minutes on the Chi Machine provides cell aspiration equal to a 1.5 mile brisk walk. I am currently unable to eat, shower, or use the toilet without assistance. Sleeping more than 30-45 minutes at a stretch is rare due to tremor. I have hardly been able to talk for the last 2 years.


Typing is almost impossible…this email took a week to complete.


I feel strong…quiet…still totally in love with existence…I feel an ever deepening faith in the infinite mystery of Life. I feel deeply grateful to have been given this life…I am deeply committed to recovering completely if that is meant to be…I spend most nights surrendering totally to the shaking that never stops…the relentlessness of the tremor is beautifully shattering the ego and is taking me me deeper and deeper into the heart…While this journey often scared me shitless last year,I no longer feel fearful of wherever this process is taking me.”


Michael Day

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