The Real Meaning of Tremors

David Berceli PhD (a recent guest on my radio show) believes that tremors are the body’s way of releasing trauma. According to him they are not a pathological condition but a condition of healing. I suspect his thinking on this matter is strange to many of you.
Not to some researchers. A prototype pen is under development that vibrates when a person writes with it. When the prototype pen is used by persons with Parkinson’s who have handwriting difficulties their handwriting becomes legible. In other words, induced shaking of the hands really does have therapeutic effects.
One of the frustrations listeners have had with my show with Dr. Berceli is that there seemed to be no good way to learn how to do his TRE method unless you attend one of the TRE workshops. Listeners have emailed me and asked how involuntary shaking
is induced.
I learned from him after the show aired that he has developed a comprehensive online course that explains in detail how to induce the involuntary shaking to release trauma using his method. He emailed me a link you can use to learn more about his course with a discount to boot if you want to get started today with using his method of involuntary shaking to release trauma and reduce stress.
I really like the idea of an online course (which I did not know existed until after the show aired). The course is one way you can get started right now. You do not have to wait for his new DVD to be released.
Olympia Washington


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