There are so many fascinating ideas for how you can reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s disease using natural methods and therapies. In fact, there are so many good ideas out there these days that making a choice of which ones to pursue can be daunting to say the least.

Of All Herbs – Cinnamon?

I have an idea for you to consider (among the many possibilities) that attracted my interest. Researchers found success using ground up Ceylon cinnamon in rat studies. I know. I know. It does sound a little silly that a spice like cinnamon might make a difference and humans as research subjects are a far cry from mice. I also know that it will take many years for research studies with humans to be run, if ever.

Why should cinnamon of all spices help reverse Parkinson’s symptoms in mice? Researchers at Rush University report that “It is known that some important proteins like Parkin and DJ-1 decrease in the brain of PD patients.” The Rush study researchers
report that ground cinnamon metabolizes into a substance known as sodium benzoate, which helps stop the loss of Parkin and DJ-1 proteins, protect neurons, normalize neurotransmitter levels, and improve motor functions in mice with Parkinson’s
symptoms. That is a pretty impressive list, even for mice, Eh?

Why not step aside from the details of the academic research and simply ask yourself – do you like cinnamon? Have you always liked cinnamon? If so, why not make it a point to add a little extra Ceylon cinnamon to spice up your food? Who knows. Maybe your body
will thank you profusely.

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