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Enrollments still available for the Parkinsons Recovery Jump Start to Recovery program which starts in March.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

“Your program provides extremely value in guiding me through the process I had already embarked on. The guidance you provide as well as the guidance the other participants provide through their stories is rock solid spot on , so my body confirms. 

Allowing to feel the old pains – getting presented where they come from , processing and synchronizing the mind and body and .. releasing the old energy captured in my body after that is on my daily menu – all comments provide confirmation of, and context to that what I am going through all is part of the process.

Medication camouflages the real ‘feeling it’, processing it and cleaning it up – therefore I can imagine that when people take medication it is hard to help them heal, as the experience remains hidden. Until also max medication can’t cover it up any longer –
The area where medication does not yet or not anymore camouflages the symptoms is the area where the work lays. That’s where the nasty bits stick up their ugly heads, asking and yelling to be felt, recognized and healed.

So grateful that I was pointed at, and was given the techniques to handle the phenomena that then arise, through the guidance received from many, as a preparation for the release process which is now intensifying, and the relief that that brings afterwards – every time again.

So grateful for folks like yourselves!! Just had to let you know.

Grateful regards,”


Jump Start the Road to Recovery

Jump Start the Road to Recovery

Many people prefer to suppress Parkinson’s symptoms with treatments so that they feel better quickly. There is an obvious downside to this popular approach. There will never be an end to treating symptoms since the root causes have not been identified and healed.Are you interested in considering alternative approaches to healing your Parkinson’s symptoms from the inside-out? Would you like to discover and heal the root cause of your symptoms? If so, join us for the March Parkinsons Recovery Jump Start to Recovery program. It is a program where you are in the driver’s seat.

Seize the opportunity today to take advantage of the early bird special for a 40% discount on the tuition.

Robert Rodgers PhD

P.S. Participants in the January Jump Start to Recovery Program have been making remarkable progress in their journey down the road to recovery.

Treatment of Lyme Disease

Here is a fascinating email from Kathy who reports on her experience with treatment of  lyme disease.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Dear Robert,

“I was diagnosed with PD in 2010. Two years later I found out I had Lyme disease, and had been infected for over 20 years! According to my naturopath, if Lyme disease is not treated with antibiotics in the first 45 days, the spirochetes burrow deep into the body and the antibiotics are no longer as effective. I addition to the Lyme spirochetes, I also had 3 co-infectants. The little critters had eventually entered into my nervous system and wrecked havoc. I am currently Lyme free, but have a lot of nerve damage which heals very slowly.”


Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s Symptoms

Here is an email from Frank as a follow-up to my post from yesterday.


“Robert, Very interesting.   My PCP, in internist with a specialty in infectious diseases (with extended experience in Africa treating AIDS)  responded immediately to symptoms of Lyme disease in 2012.  I was not at the “red circle” (initial stage) but had swelling and fluid in elbows and ankles.  She had me undergo tests for Lymes and bingo that’s what I had and was immediately put on antibiotics.  I guess that got rid of the Lyme.
However, two years later, in Jan of 2014 I started “foot dragging” and in May was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Second opinion and DAT scan at Mayo Clinic here in Phoenix absolutely confirms “reduced dopamine in brain” – conclusive evidence I have Parkinsons.
I brought up the issue of Lyme disease as a “precipitating factor” in getting PD (my uncle and maternal grandfather both had PD).
Brilliantly I connected the dots.  Genetic predisposition for PD, Lyme disease as the trigger.  Idea has been poo poo’d by my PCP…. but I am personally convinced.
I am planning to circumvent my regular physicians and get on LDN next week.  I don’t give a tinker’s damn what they think about its efficacy.  I am not wasting my time trying to “convince” anybody.  Jacking up my immune system is justified based on a family history of prostate cancer, I could use an emotional boost, the “placebo effect” .. I’ll have some of that…. and its important to “do something” that is proactive besides wearing myself out on my exercycle.  Besides… its my body and I decide what to do with it.
I’m quite sure there is a link with Lyme disease in the etiology of Parkinsons in my case.”

Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s


I found the source of my inflammation.

I started to see a new MD/ ND. She tested me for Lyme Disease. I have it and have had it for years. My immune system is on overload and my body is breaking down.

I start treatment for the Lyme disease tomorrow.

My belief is that through cleansing the Lyme disease, I can drop the inflammation and recover.

I have had Lyme Disease for 7 years and none of my PD specialists even looked for it.

Everyone should get tested

I am going to heal rebuild and recover, Robert!


Intoxication with Heavy Metals as a Possible Cause of Parkinson’s Disease

I have been blogging for years about the role intoxication with heavy metals plays in causing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. One of the Seven Secrets to Healing is to get the “bad stuff” out of your body before pouring any “good stuff” in.  Veterinarian Hanne Koplev’s story posted below is a compelling confirmation of how intoxication with heavy metals crashes the neurological system. Better yet, purging the heavy metals has a profound impact on reverse the symptoms.

Dr. Koplev sent me a picture of her to post which says everything about her own recovery from symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

hannes photo

Robert  Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Intoxication with Heavy Metals as a Possible cause of Parkinson’s Disease

By veterinarian Hanne Koplev.

A neurologist recommended in the year 1998, that I should be medicated against my tremor, but I said no thank you to his offer, as I preferred to be better diagnosed before starting medication.

The following year my symptoms increased, as I became more rigid and my tremor got worse and I therefore was easy to persuade by a new neurologist to try anti-Parkinson medication. Shortly after, I was scanned for Parkinson’s disease and the result was compatible with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in the early stage.

Parkinson medication helped to decrease the symptoms, but soon I experienced more severe symptoms. At first I thought that it was the disease becoming more severe and this was confirmed by my neurologist who told me that it was unavoidable.

After one year on medication my neurologist recommended that I stopped medication before the next consultation. This became the start of a new phase in the way I coped with my disease, as without medication, I experienced that:-

-     The medication can result in abstinences when the medication is stopped.

-     Many of the symptoms, that I thought were Parkinson’s symptoms, were in reality side effects of the medication.

Therefore I decided to accept the symptoms of the disease instead of being burdened with adverse side effects of the medication. The outcome of this choice forced me to search for factors, which had influenced my symptoms.

In the year 2001 I was tested for Heavy Metal Toxicity in a private clinic in Aarhus, Denmark by Dr. Bruce Kyle (www.holistic-medicine.dk) and I was diagnosed with a combined toxic overload with mercury and copper.

I was treated at Dr. Bruce Kyle’s clinic with the Chelating Agent DMPS, with Vitamin-C infusions and different kinds of antioxidants and nutritional support. At the same time I had my amalgam fillings removed and had non-toxic, non-metal composites instead. This was done by a dentist with extra education in safe removal of amalgam. I also use saunas, which help detoxification by sweating out the toxins through my skin.

After some years of undergoing detoxifying treatments, I had fewer tremors and was less rigid, but I still suffered from fatigue.

Allergic reaction against metals was suspect, and I undertook a MELISA-test.  (www.melisa.org)

My test showed an allergic reaction against gold, nickel and cadmium and treatment protocol was removal of a dental gold crown, which was replaced with plastic.  Now, I try to avoid nickel and to eat more organic food to avoid cadmium. Luckily I have been rewarded for my efforts as my fatigue has decreased.

Today I can honestly say that testing and treatments for my chronic cumulative toxicity has been successful for revealing some of the causes of my Parkinson’s disease. However, I still have slightly high levels of copper left and in Autumn 2006 and Spring 2008 tests show that I am also burdened with lead and aluminium.

I do not dare to think about how my life would have been without detoxifying treatments!  When I look at other patients with Parkinson’s disease who are getting worse, I have even more reasons to be thankful for my health, which continues to improve as time goes on.

Where do these Heavy Metals come from?

In my case, mercury and copper were likely to have come from my amalgam fillings. Copper-amalgam contains a high percentage of copper and I had many fillings in my milk teeth. Even later in school I had many cavities, which were restored with amalgam. The dentist said that I had weak teeth.

As an adult, I have only had one cavity, so I might think that my parents were not good at helping me with tooth brushing and perhaps also the school dentist has been tempted to do fillings, which were not necessary as she was paid for the amount of pupils’ cavities that she restored.

In addition I have in my job as a veterinarian, been exposed to many thermometers, which sometimes break and where the mercury ended up in the bottom of the car. Veterinarians were not properly informed that this could constitute a health hazard at that time.

Moreover Mercury can come from vaccinations containing the preservative Thiomersal (ethyl-mercury). Mercury might also come from environmental pollution and intake of fish. Copper might come from use of copper spiral (anti contraceptive) and from drinking water and food. The Danish Agriculture Production uses 550 tons of copper yearly and this copper could be assumed to spread to the environment and end up in drinking water and food.

When a person is burdened with mercury toxicity, then the excretion of copper is decreased.

My toxicity burden with lead might perhaps come from common environmental pollution.

My toxicity with aluminium probably came from years of injections with aluminium containing products against dust mite allergy.

My nutrition today contains more antioxidants (nutrients which protects the body against free radicals and oxidation), more vegetables (raw vegetables are chosen) and more fruits.

I have stopped eating unhealthy fats such as margarine, hard fats, corn oil, soy, sunflower etc. I try to eat more of the healthy fats such as fat fish (salmon), linseed, olives oil, nuts etc.

I take antioxidants as nutritional supplementation, also a multivitamin mineral pill without iron and copper, extra vitamin C and E, Lipoic acid, N-acetyl-cysteine, Echinacea, Ginkgo Biloba and Coenzyme Q10. I also use DMSA for mercury, copper and lead chelation.

Concerning the nutrition I would recommend the book by Jean Carper – “Your Miracle Brain.

Physical activity has been an important part of my life.

At the beginning of my disease I walked without swinging my right arm and I stumbled rather often. After years training trying to walk normally with swinging my right arm, I have succeeded, but only when I am not too stressed or exhausted. The principle is like this, if I can walk one step with swinging the arm, then I can also walk 3 steps….. or also walk 5 minutes…or 5 kilometres and so on.

I also use visualization when training my movements.

People, who do not realize the effects that Parkinson’s disease has on their own body, often have problems understanding how demanding it is for a Parkinson patient to cope with conscious movements. Even something as banal as cleaning your shoes on a doormat is not necessarily functioning automatically but needs mental work, like steering a toy car with a joystick.

It is very common that a Parkinson patient with time develops a forward bending posture and some years ago I had thoracic Kyphosis and could not wear any of my shirts anymore. A physiotherapist has taught me some physical exercises, which I since have done every day.

Today my back is straight again, which makes me happy. People, who are happy, often have a straight posture, while sad and grieving people often have a crooked posture. By choosing body posture you can also indirectly choose your emotions.

I enjoy sending a signal that I am bubbling with joys of life.

I try to avoid, if possible, all kind of stress. Now I choose calm classical music instead of rock; I value tight relationships instead of having a circle of acquaintances with ‘small talk’ and I love being out in nature instead of taking city walks. It is a pleasure for me to do meditation and to sing.

I have also improved at listening to the signals from my body and I take care to rest and sleep when needed.  I have also improved at learning to avoid doing things, which I dislike and instead I do things that make me happy.

When being diagnosed with a chronic disease the patient often goes through a life crisis and so did I. The crises made me more religious and I learnt to pray to my God from the bottom of my heart – this has given me spiritual power to cope with life and the new circumstances.

‘Where there is willpower, there is a way to go.’ This phrase was said about me by a good friend, as a way to express how I cope with my disease.

Years ago the neurologists said several times that I had got Parkinson’s disease and that this disease is chronic, impossible to cure and progressive. I thought that it might be like this for other patients, but that it would not be like this in my case. By working and studying a lot and sometimes by choosing blind paths, I have succeeded in finding a tiny little path out of my disease. Today I have fewer symptoms than in the year 1998, which means that the expression ‘progressive’ cannot be used generally about all patients with Parkinson’s disease.

I retired in the year 2001 when I was 44 years old and although it was really a hard time, today I feel that I have a good life. To my co-patients I will say:-  “Search for knowledge and keep on trying to search for new possibilities.”

Generally I recommend neurological patients to be tested with a chelating agent for chronic toxicity with heavy metals. If this is diagnosed, then it is possible to de-toxify, which can give hope to a future of increased health and decreased neurological symptoms.

If you want more information about toxicity with heavy metal and Parkinson’s disease then use the Internet.

Thank you for reading my case-story and I wish you all the best.


Unorthodox Approach

Hi Robert,

I like your approach. I have had success with an unorthodox approach using reiki, qigong, painting and a lot of intuition and research found out that I have massive amounts of copper and an excess of mercury. Although I am still registered as having PD I am on a 5 month detox with intravenous vitamin C and glutiathone 2 hours every second week and taking metalcaptase. I’ve had a brain scan and at least five experts confirm that I have PD. Then how can it be that I end up taking medicine for Wilson’s Disease? (Rhetorical question).

Warm regards


Recovery from Parkinson’s

What does it really take for recovery from Parkinson’s to happen for you? There is no doubt but that the treatment of Parkinson;s symptoms helps many people. The limitation of this approach of course is that there is no end to the treatment. It must continue day in and day out.

An alternative approach is to set the intention to find the cause of the symptoms. Once the cause or causes have been identified they can be treated and healed. I discuss the four foundations of this approach in the Sunday Connections program. To listen, visit:


Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Music Therapy

Many people who experience Parkinson’s symptoms cannot believe that something as simple and inexpensive as music therapy can provide any symptom relief whatsoever They insist that an expensive treatment like stem cell therapy can offer the promise of helping to reverse symptoms. I am here to tell you today that this belief is dead wrong! The simple, inexpensive therapies often provide the biggest bang for the buck!

Parkinsons Recovery Radio Features a Show on Music Therapy

My special guest on the radio show next week is Kris Warren who has traveled across the globe interviewing experts on the benefits of music as a therapy for reversing chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease. Kris is also a music artist who recently discovered Music Therapy. He wrote a song last year about how music is his therapy not realizing Music Therapy is a viable treatment option for chronic illnesses.

Kris will be joined on the radio show by Professor Michael Thaut from Colorado State University whose research has focused on the application of music for the neurologic rehabilitation of impaired cognitive and motor functions.

Visit the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show page to get the full scoop on this exiting holiday show. www.blogtalkradio.com/parkinsons-recovery