Whole Brain Power

Most people choose to suppress the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease with medications or supplements. And why not? If you can begin to feel “normal”, you can begin leading a “normal” life.

Whole Brain Power
Michael Lavery, Author of Whole Brain Power

There is another way. Just ask Michael Lavery, author of Whole Brain Power: The Fountain of Youth for the Mind and Body.  Michael has invented fascinating and innovative ways to increase and enhance the integrity and functionality of your brain. You read my last sentence correctly.

  • You can get a lot smarter!
  • Your memory and recall can improve significantly!
  • Your handwriting can improve!
  • Your can become more focused!
  • You can lift depression! 
  • You can reclaim your life force!

All of this is possible, Michael explains, when you start a program to “exercise” your brain in ways you never before even imagined. I like his approach because it puts you in the driver’s seat of your recovery and puts medicines or supplements in the back seat.

Joining Michael in my interview with him is Len Fox who discusses his own experience with taking Michael’s Whole Brain Power program seriously.

To keep your program focused, Michael Lavery has also published a Whole Brain Power: Workbook & Progress Journal

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Jump Start to Recovery Early Bird Special Expires in 24 Hours

Jump Start to Recovery Early Bird Special

I had intended to offer my Jump Start to Recovery course only once in 2016. Then, something miraculous happened. Reports of recovery from current students have been so encouraging that I decided to offer a second course this fall. The focused content of the course is clearly helping people find the right path to travel down the right road to recovery.

Just to be clear, the Jump Start to Recovery course is not about offering a pre-packaged “solution” for recovery.  No such static “solution” will ever address the needs of every person who currently experiences Parkinson’s symptoms. My focus and intent with the course is to provide the framework, resources, options and skills so that each participant can discover the perfect path to find sustained relief from their symptoms.

Advantages of Jump Start to Recovery

  • No need to travel to attend the course
  • Connect with me and other students using your telephone (or computer).
  • Computer access is not required
  • Access to the course materials and live sessions from any country
  • All eight sessions are recorded for later access
  • Enrollment includes free, lifetime access to the Online Course

Early Bird Special Expires in 48 Hours

To offer a course that is affordable to all, the already low tuition of $248 is discounted $100 for early bird registrants. You have to register now to claim the special discount. Once registered you can get started right now listening to the online lectures before the sessions with me launch on October 12th.

For more information and to claim your seat visit:


Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Accidents Happen: How To Cut the Pain from Injuries in Minutes

Yes, Accidents Do Happen. What Happens When You Are Injured?   

Everyone has accidents of one type of another. What do you do when you are injured? I used to ignore the pain with the full knowledge that in time – and it usually took time – my body will eventually heal from injuries when accidents happen.

Now my approach is different. I now run “lines of light” which is a form of energy healing. I learned how to repair the injured energy field using “lines of light” from a first class healing school. .

This particular healing technique is simple and I must say unbelievably effective. I can literally feel less pain when I run the “lines of light” across an injury within a minute or two. The pain is usually gone within 3 minutes.

I shot a 10 minute video to demonstrate the “lines of light” healing technique. This happens to be an energy healing technique I have used most frequently and with the most success. Please believe me when I say it really does work!

What to Do When Accidents Happen

It is important to know about the “lines of light” healing technique I illustrate in this video not only for yourself, but for your children and family when they are injured. To discover more about energy healing, Click Reiki to receive  free download to your computer of an article that explains the history and value of energy healing with simple tips on how you can get started healing yourself today..
 Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Olympia, Washington
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

All About Aqua Hydration Formula

Naturopath John Coleman, ND, discovered that using the Aqua Hydration Formula was a critical factor to his own recovery from Parkinson’s Disease. John is one of the first persons to my knowledge who succeeded in reversing his Parkinson’s symptoms in the mid 1990’s.

I interviewed one of the developers of the Aquas, Dr. Jaroslav Boublik PhD, who answered questions about the Aquas and their use in addressing the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.

For more information about the Aqua hydration formula visit: http://www.aquas4life.com

Mannitol for Parkinson’s

Another Possible Benefit of Taking Mannitol for Parkinson’s

Hi Robert,

I listened to a radio blog which discussed the use of Mannitol for dealing with Parkinsons. It is now a daily morning additive to my coffee. I am writing to share an added benefit that I don’t remember being discussed on the program. It has the effect of stimulating a daily bowel movement. If someone is looking for assistance with constipation mannitol can serve double duty!!


In the email above, Len is referring to the radio show interview with Don Don McCammon which I have embedded in this post below.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

What Can I Do to Feel Better?

When you your doctor answers the question: “What can I do to feel better?” by saying – “Drink more water” Do not laugh. Your doctor is probably right.

Dehydration becomes a serious issue for most people as they age. For whatever reasons, the body’s mechanism for signalling thirst and distributing water to the cells becomes compromised with the aging process.

Many people who currently experience Parkinson’s symptoms take Aquas which were formulated to hydrate the body. John Coleman, ND, says that the Aquas were instrumental to his own recovery from Parkinson’s.

Jaroslav Boublik,PhD, one of the original developers of the Aquas, answers questions about the Aquas during this radio show. For more information about the Aquas visit: www.aquas4life.com

Why Good Hydration Makes All the Difference to Recovery

Listen to a Q&A with an international expert on good hydration for health and wellness. Jaroslav Boublik PhD is the “go to” resource for how to drink the right water to hydration cells throughout your body which makes for good hydration.

Good Hydration
Good Hydration

When you your doctor answers the question: “What can I do to feel better?” by saying – “Drink more water” Do not laugh. Your doctor is probably right.

Dr. Boublik is, in my book of experts, the international expert on water and hydration. His research centers around the effects of dehydration. Dr. Boublik answers questions about the effects of dehydration on your health and how you can realistically address problems such as:

  • Why do we get dehydrated as we age?
  • Why is hydration so important to eliminate toxins?
  • If I add such substances to my diet such as – salt, energy drinks, coffee, tea, alcohol, colas, milk – will I be better hydrated?
  • What are the symptoms of dehydration?
  • Is drinking structured water a good idea?
  • Can good hydration reduce Parkinson’s symptoms?
  • Will better hydration enhance mental clarity?

Jaroslov Boublik is also one of the two amazing developers of the Aquas (www.aquas4life.com) a homeopathic treatment for dehydration.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Yoga for Parkinson’s

Yoga for Parkinson’s

I have aired several Parkinsons Recovery Radio shows over the years about doing yoga for Parkinson’s. People generally report a positive experience. It gets the oxygen moving throughout their body and is great exercise.

What follows is an email from Steve who offers a fresh perspective on yoga.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease 

In Touch of Life: The Healing Power of the Natural Life Force, author Robert Fulford,
a gifted doctor and healer, shares his wisdom after a 70 year career of healing  with the hands. I treasure like his insights. They come from clinical experience, not book learning. It is authentic knowledge.

Dr. Fulford argues that most yoga teachers and some students are heavily damaged from doing yoga. The damage can be for life since their ligaments have usually become over lax from aggressive stretching. He strongly cautions about doing yoga. This is 70 years experience speaking.

Actually muscles do not stretch. The primary focus of yoga in ancient days was not stretching! When the west got hold of yoga that is what happened.

I paraphrase next from the wisdom of Ruthy Alon who is my gold standard when it comes to knowledge about human movement.

  • Yoga is from the East where people are more receptive, have less ego, are more culture oriented and don’t have a strong self identity and all that goes along with that.
  • It is the opposite in the West where a strong ego and self-identity are needed to just survive.

Yoga poses strengthen the self-identity and will and are perfect to balance the Eastern psyche. Taken to the West, they can over balance the westerner who is already too strong in ego and self identity. For the western world it would be better for people to do flowing energy movements like Tai Chi, Qigong, Feldenkrais and the like as these therapies soften and harmonize the being in a way that yoga cannot do.

This also is 70 plus years of wisdom speaking from Ruthy.


Neurological Therapy

What follows is an email I received that offers a neurological therapy you can do while lying in bed. It is based on the principles of neurological diplomacy, an approach used by some therapists that makes the “good” side as “bad” as the “bad” side when a person has more difficulty with one side of the body than the other side.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

“Lying in bed when I wake up and stretch I may feel the right leg is more dead. Or, maybe I try to send golden or white light to the right arm or leg or right side and it feels darker and not so receptive as the left side. So I pretend the left side is that way, the whole drill. Basically anything I happen to notice at any time day or night that involves a difference in what is happening left vs right side of body, I use Neurological Diplomacy.”

“Doing yoga my right side may feel differently than my left side in a pose. I make the “good” side identical with all the limitations of the “bad” side using neurological diplomacy. A whole yoga set is done that way. This approach offers an approach to healing that is gentle and kind.” 

“Instead of trying to make the harder pose (left or right) better by stretching harder I do the other side less to make both sides even. That facilitates healing. I feel it. This feeling is not there when I do ordinary “stupid” yoga as I call it where we try to work harder on the “bad” side. The difference between the left and right sides of the body in any event is usually caused by skeletal mal-alignments. To work harder on the “bad” side may create deeper and more chronic adaptions to a difficult body situation. This would not be a welcome outcome.” 

“When taking a bucket shower, my right shoulder is more sensitive to cold than my left shoulder. So, I pretend to be sensitive to cold just in that same way on the left shoulder.”

“If nothing else, the practice of neurological diplomacy confuses the hell out of the brain, which is good, as it makes the brain more pliable and responsive to do what needs to be really done.”


Story of Recovery: Manfred Poggel

Hooray I say. We can all celebrate still another story of recovery from Parkinson’s disease. Manfred Poggel is German, but his story is now available in a Kindle English ebook: Parkinson’s disease- How I was Healed Without Chemicals

manfred peggel Parkinsons-disease_E-Book

Poggel shares his experiences with using over 30 different therapies. Moreover, he describes his very personal way to recovery through approaches like de-acidification, meditation, acupuncture, homeopathy and many more. His main concern is to show ways of early detection and prevention.

An edited version of his kindle ebook’s description follows:

“From 2002 onwards, his Parkinson’s disease became so severe that by 2003 he was no longer able to work. The dreaded diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease was officially confirmed in 2004…He began his search for effective healing at the end of 2006. After phasing out the use of chemical medications, various connections between causes and effects became clear.”

“He recorded and checked all of the tips he was given and evaluated them for himself. It was a difficult process. It was not easy to choose the therapies that were right for him. Nevertheless, he dared to try them because he always, always had the feeling that he was being guided and that he would become healthy again.

“In autumn 2010, he was finally able to stop using his natural therapies. Today he can say that he is healed. He has overcome not only Parkinson’s disease but also all other illnesses from earlier in his life. Over these years he learnt to change his lifestyle and diet.”

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease