Stress and Trauma

I just want you to know that I had previously started to recover from Parkinson’s because of the work I have been doing about letting go of the stress and trauma in my body by using Louise L Hay method. I’m following her book” You Can Heal Your Body“.

I have noticed quite a significant reduction in my symptoms already. They’re not completely gone but they are reducing and I am definitely on the road to recovery. I am sure your program will help even more. I just know that I will be symptom-free! I have no doubt about it.

So thank you for your jump start to Recovery program.

My vision that I hold in my thoughts are having you interview me on your radio show and I am sharing on how I  recovered from Parkinsons.. And the other vision I have is me telling my neurologist I no longer have Parkinson’s and him giving me a score of 0 on the Parkinson’s scale.



Constipation Treatments


You know, your writings simply amaze me.
I am suffering from my PD, but still
unmedicated. But it’s getting me down
quite seriously, and I need to find some
relief from what’s happening.

Your article on constipation was quite
interesting, especially since a good BM is
about the only thing that gives me a bit
of some sort of relief. I am constipated
nearly all the time now, and the stools
are definitely not dark brown, and they
are huge in size. My doctor has me on 4
Ultra Meg (2 in morning, 2 evening) but
they are not doing the job, so I take a
couple of ExLax too, and some coarse
Metamucial, finally getting a BM to occur.

My body is definitely suffering from a
nutrient deficiency. My muscles are atrophying.
It makes no difference if I try to build
them up or not. This atrophying has been
going on for years, way before PD tremors



Constipation is certainly “in your face”
right now. Great! Your body is giving you
rich information about what it needs to
recover and move on to the next stage.

There is a quick, temporary fix which
involves taking generous doses of vitamin C.
This certainly works miracles for me with
this problem. I suggest that you do not
rely on vitamin C in pill form, but consider
the options of other delivery forms.
I take vitamin C in a concentrated powder

Vitamin C is an anti-oxident, so taking
generous doses works miracles for other
reasons. Consult with a knowledgeable
nutritional counselor to make sure you do
not take too little or too much.

There is also a long term fix. Your body is
sending you strong signals that the food you
are eating is problematic. If the body likes
the food we give it, the food goes down easily
and comfortably. It also exits smoothly and
without complication or pain.

You may very well be allergic to some of the
food you eat. A smart place to look is to
consider the possibility that foods
you have eaten your entire life (perhaps
dairy or wheat or potatoes or who knows what)
are creating strong allergic reactions. Such
problems may not have been present at an earlier
age, but they inevitably intensify as we age.

Out vitality and energy is derived from
live food, not from dead food. Most of
the packaged and processed foods found in a
typical grocery store has no life in it

I am going to be bold in my following
assertion, but I know it is dead right
(like the pun?).

Begin ingesting live food every day.
You will get relief from constipation.
You will begin to feel better.

Oh, and this promise comes with a life time

How long does it take to begin feeling better
after you begin to eat live food? It could be
weeks or months, but I personally detect a marked
shift in my own energy a few hours after eating
live food. Instead of working 8 hours a day, I
am able to work 14 hours! Now that is a difference
that makes a difference.

How do you find fresh food in the winter time?
Try your local food coop. I purchase fresh
vegetables at the local food co-op and juice them
as often as possible. My rule is to purchase fresh
vegetables that have as many different colors as
possible. Some stores will also juice veggies for
you which is very convenient.

Once you begin eating live food on a regular basis
you will not have to use any other aids to
relieve the constipation. The body can resolve
the problem of constipation, but you have
to give it a little help to heal. The solutions
will only have staying power if you make it a habit
to eat live food every day and stop eating foods
you are allergic to.

The muscle weakness may be related to a protein
deficiency. A consultation with a nutritional
counselor might be very helpful with your
present challenge.

May you be free of constipation agony soon and
feeling better and better every day.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

© 2016 Parkinsons Recovery

Hydrate for Health: How?

Dehydration is a natural consequence of aging.The important question turns on what we can do about it.

I have recruited the one man I know can answer any question you might have about dehydration, Dr. Jaroslav Boublik, Ph.D. There are many smart things you can do to reverse the problems of dehydration. Jaroslav knows them all.

Dr. Boublik is the co-developer of the Aquas, a homeopathic remedy for dehydration that is currently used by many people with the symptoms of Parkinson’s. For further information about the Aquas, visit:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

© 2016 Parkinsons Recovery

Aqua Hydration Therapy and Parkinson’s Disease


In terms of the aqua hydration therapy, does that include putting your arms in a bathtub full of water for about 20 minutes s a day?  What is an ideal aqua hydration therapy and how many times does it have to be done on a weekly basis?  Is this therapy one of your top 3 recovery mechanisms?



The Aqua hydration therapy recommended by naturopath doctor John Coleman, ND (who successfully recovered from Parkinson’s in the 1990’s) is a homeopathic treatment known as the Aquas. Dr. Coleman attributes 60% of his full recovery to  the Aquas.

The Aquas are a combination of essential oils and Bach Flower essences that are designed to reset the mechanism used by the body to hydrate cells. As we age, this mechanism begins to break down.

You can find more information about the Aquas by visiting:

It is recommended that you take the Aquas each week day, then take a break on the weekends. This approach insures that the homeopathic signalling system remains potent.

I suggest that you download and read the article series on hydration written by one of the developers or the Aquas, Dr. Jaroslav Boublik, Ph.D. He is an international expert on the importance of good hydration for health and wellness. You can download his article which discusses the symptoms of dehydration from the January 2011 Parkinsons Recovery magazines for free by visiting:

Neurons are the juiciest cells in the body. If you are not well hydrated, there is no doubt in my mind that neurological symptoms will result. Many people report feeling a great deal better when their bodies become better hydrated. The better hydrated you are, the better you will feel.   For any chronic illness I would put  oxygen and water at the top of the list as therapies that are essential to health and wellness.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Dehydration: A Consequence of Hot Weather

Dehydration causes serious neurological problems if you do not take action now. Why ask for more problems?

When I ask people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease the question “Do you drink enough water” the answer I hear most often is “no.” This is summer time in the western hemisphere. It is already sizzling hot in many places in the US and elsewhere.

Look out if the neural pathways dry out. The neurological system has to be “wet” and “juicy” to function. Toxins stick to the neurons like glue.

I just recorded a new YouTube video to inspire everyone to drink more water because of the problems in the body that are causes by dehydration.  Listen right now to get inspired to hydrate your cells. Say “no” to dehydration today.

All about the Aquas Hydration Formulas: 


Panic Attacks and Anxiety

How to Solve the Problem of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

When panic attacks strike and anxiety sizzles, Parkinson’s symptoms get

  • What was a modest gait problem becomes unbearable.
  • What was a minor challenge with speaking clearly and loudly becomes major.

And – it all happens in a flash – as if a thunder bolt strikes you head on. What can be done to avert panic attacks and calm down anxiety?

One option is to take extra medications or supplements which can numb the problem.
Unfortunately, medications do not always work, particularly when a panic attack is unexpected as always seems to be the case.

I believe the smartest solution is to find practical ways to switch the high anxiety
switch to “off” without having to rely on medications and supplements. Put yourself in control, not the medicines. You can always respond instantly when needed when you are in the driver’s seat.

I am impressed with a program titled “Panic Away” which helps turn down the volume of anxiety and panic attacks. I recommend you check out the presentation on their website.

When you enter your email, you receive a link to a free 10 minute audio that is excellent. I found their way of dealing with attacks to be useful, practical and novel.

Check out their approach. They have excellent information on their website. Be sure to get the download and listen to the audio recording. It will exhaust 10 minutes out of your day but the benefit will be worth the trouble. It was for me.

Click on the link below. Enter you name (any name) and your email and they will send you a link to the free audio download in your email.  Download the audio to your computer or phone. Listen when needed!

Panic Away

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Slow Movement Remedies


I am wondering about how to deal with slow movement. I never hear this question addressed. Are there any ways to overcome this? It is my worst symptom. People tell me I move very gingerly.

Thank you for your help.



The big picture is the reprogram your neural networks. It appears that your movements are being controlled by neural pathways that are a bit rusty.

There is no reason for panic! The brain has an incredible capacity to reconfigure pathways. You just have to begin moving a bit differently to configure the new pathways which will make walking easier and require less effort on your part.

First, I suggest that you listen to my interview with Professional Dancer Pamela Quinn from New York City. Pamela offers a number of suggestions you should find helpful. You can find her program from last week by visiting the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Network page below:

Second, I suggest that you add a little music (with a nice hefty beat) when you walk. Use an MP3 player or IPOD  or something portable. Find some music you like to listen to which has a marching type of beat. Music with a strong beat does wonders for movements that are slow and cumbersome. Michael Jackson recorded some great songs with incredible beats you can dance to.

Third, there are a number of brain challenge exercises and programs which provide great ways to forge new  neural pathways. You might try out a few. They always have free ones to try out on the websites. I posted information on one such program on this blog September 30th from Posit Science which is backed by sound research.

Fourth, inside of thinking of walking from point A to point B, think to yourself that you will dance from Point A to Point B. You may be surprised by the difference created by the different in thought forms.

Let us know what turns out to help!

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Mobility Exercises

Many people believe that the solution to mobility challenges is found in finding the right medications or supplements or herbs to take, not with mobility exercises. After an exciting decade of research into the question of what helps people regain excellent mobility, I have drawn the conclusion that medications or supplements or herbs do not offer a long term solution. Something else – something you would have never guessed – does.

I have concluded that practicing the ability to perform more than one task at a time offers welcome benefits to anyone who currently experiences issues with maintaining good balance and also anyone who fears the prospect of falling when walking. Watch my video below to discover mobility exercises that are fun and simple to do.

For information about the Walk with Ease and Confidence program, visit:

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