The Real Meaning of Tremors

David Berceli PhD (a recent guest on my radio show) believes that tremors are the body’s way of releasing trauma. According to him they are not a pathological condition but a condition of healing. I suspect his thinking on this matter is strange to many of you.
Not to some researchers. A prototype pen is under development that vibrates when a person writes with it. When the prototype pen is used by persons with Parkinson’s who have handwriting difficulties their handwriting becomes legible. In other words, induced shaking of the hands really does have therapeutic effects.
One of the frustrations listeners have had with my show with Dr. Berceli is that there seemed to be no good way to learn how to do his TRE method unless you attend one of the TRE workshops. Listeners have emailed me and asked how involuntary shaking
is induced.
I learned from him after the show aired that he has developed a comprehensive online course that explains in detail how to induce the involuntary shaking to release trauma using his method. He emailed me a link you can use to learn more about his course with a discount to boot if you want to get started today with using his method of involuntary shaking to release trauma and reduce stress.
I really like the idea of an online course (which I did not know existed until after the show aired). The course is one way you can get started right now. You do not have to wait for his new DVD to be released.
Olympia Washington


Best Therapies for Parkinson’s Cost Little to Nothing

Many people I talk with these days believe that the only way to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is to spend a lot of money year after year. I have always held the opposite belief. As I see it – the best therapies for Parkinson’s cost little to nothing.

Need some evidence to support my belief? Listen to my radio show interview today with the internationally famous Dr. David Berceli who discusses how a little shaking now than then can do a world of good for people with Parkinson’s disease.


There are so many fascinating ideas for how you can reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s disease using natural methods and therapies. In fact, there are so many good ideas out there these days that making a choice of which ones to pursue can be daunting to say the least.

Of All Herbs – Cinnamon?

I have an idea for you to consider (among the many possibilities) that attracted my interest. Researchers found success using ground up Ceylon cinnamon in rat studies. I know. I know. It does sound a little silly that a spice like cinnamon might make a difference and humans as research subjects are a far cry from mice. I also know that it will take many years for research studies with humans to be run, if ever.

Why should cinnamon of all spices help reverse Parkinson’s symptoms in mice? Researchers at Rush University report that “It is known that some important proteins like Parkin and DJ-1 decrease in the brain of PD patients.” The Rush study researchers
report that ground cinnamon metabolizes into a substance known as sodium benzoate, which helps stop the loss of Parkin and DJ-1 proteins, protect neurons, normalize neurotransmitter levels, and improve motor functions in mice with Parkinson’s
symptoms. That is a pretty impressive list, even for mice, Eh?

Why not step aside from the details of the academic research and simply ask yourself – do you like cinnamon? Have you always liked cinnamon? If so, why not make it a point to add a little extra Ceylon cinnamon to spice up your food? Who knows. Maybe your body
will thank you profusely.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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Is there any help/advice anywhere on how to get to sleep?  During the day I mostly only notice right hand and arm shaking but at night every twitch/jerk/shake shows up in both hands and my lower legs and feet.  Not being able to quieten my body means I just can’t fall asleep for hours and hours.  Have tried 5HTP, magnesium etc etc.  Don’t want to go down the sleeping pill route but I’m beginning to dread going to bed!
I use White Willow Bark rather than painkillers but that doesn’t seem very effective.
I guess there are others out there with this  problem so any info or help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanksAnita 

Multi-Tasking and Parkinson’s Disease

I was fascinated by your thoughts on multi-tasking. I am a multi-tasker par excellence and I have always thought this is a factor in my neurological symptoms. The physical and mental sensations I get when I have problems moving put me in mind of the children’s game where you put hand over hand over hand speeding up until everybody loses the sequence and order become chaos. I lose my place in the same way when I have the intention to walk for example. Competing intentions and the consideration of too many factors cause garbled inputs and the system jams. It is as if I “forget” what I am doing and parts of my body get momentarily lost. In other words my proprioceptive system is blanking out.

My solution is to have a focus and slow down but this multi-tasking habit is deeply embedded in my physical, mental and physical worlds, so it is not easy. For example when my writing is running out of control I slow down, print, lift my pencil after every letter and sometime says each letter old loud as I write. This can be uncomfortable to almost unbearable but is always revealing.( In other words I have to become mindful)

I recently read that dopamine is involved in salience which I found very interesting. Maybe I am not able to prioritise inputs of intention, a situation that is hardly helped by multi-tasking.

I think intention is key. When I am unable to march on the spot I am very often able to “lift my right knee as high as I can, lift my left knee as high as I can”. Same movement;a slight shift in intention makes the impossible easy!

All the Best



Early on, when I listened to one of your shows which I think was called….the Four Foundations of Recovery…. and # 1 was healing the trauma…I knew I was in the right place!!

You see, I have experienced trauma and abuse in my childhood…even pre-verbal.
Have PTSD. I have had challenges, mostly emotional, Though I’ve had a wonderful career as a songwriter, these last years, my stress, anxiety, and terror have made me drop to my knees and surrender to the Universal forces that are smarter than me and my ego. Now this past year these symptoms just validated this perfect storm of so many reasons why this has come to be…and you are one of the few who is actually addressing all this. By the way, I’m a young 67.



Candida and Parkinson’s Disease

I have also made the Candida connection with PD. I was on tetracycline for acne as a young teen and suffered with yeast infections off and on that exploded into severe, chronic infections after my dad died. Diflucan for over 18 months couldn’t stop; foot soaks held the infections at bay and within 2 years I was dx with PD.

I take no meds and have spent 8 years on mind-body-emotions work, healing techniques, attended your Santa Fe seminar… I’m 6 days into a strict no sugar, no gluten diet and feel more energetic and my ankles are skinny again. There are so many conflicting diets and advice.

How are you currently doing with candida? And is there a specific diet you followed? For how long before becoming less strict?


Just to clarify for those who do not know … I do not have Parkinson’s symptoms but have discussed my journey of recovery with candida cleanses on my radio show over the years. I have personally struggled to find answers to the questions you asked above for
many years now. The conclusion I have reached is that the dance with candida never ends. In the end it is a question of balance. Too much or too little candida results in horrible health problems. some of which include the symptoms of Parkinson’s as you state above.

I will first answer the personal question, then explain the connection of candida to Parkinson’s. I have done many candida detoxes over the years. They all have helped to reduce the infection in the tissues and organs of my body. It does pay to stay in a strict
candida diet for 6 weeks every now and then. The “problem” is never really permanently solved.

I instantly know candida is an issue because I get fatigued easily. I also know I have a candida overgrowth because I have indulged in consuming sweets. I also know because rashes can also pop up here and there on my body. There is no need to request diagnostic
tests for a candida problem. My body always sends off the alarm.

In the long run the best decision I have made is to cut out eating sugar except in rare, holiday situations. Our brains certainly need sugar to function but we get plenty of sugar from the natural sources of eating fruits and other natural food sources. In other
words, healing my addiction to sugar has been the key to getting the candida problem under control.

Connection of Candida to Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Most people think that all toxins enter the body externally through the food we eat and through toxins that enter our body through our skin. Some toxins are generated internally by the body. Candida is one substance that is responsible directly or indirectly for
the production of dozens of toxins. One such toxin is acetaldehyde which is typically found in the gastrointestional track. Another toxin – salsolinol – is synthesized by the body from acedaldehyde and dopamine. Elevated levels of salsolinol have been found in the
urine and cerebrospinal fluid of persons who experience Parkinson’s symptoms.

Will you be likely to remember these complicated terms and connections a week from now or even tomorrow? I doubt it. I can’t. What is important to remember is that evidence suggests an overgrowth of candida can be an agent responsible for Parkinson’s symptoms.

Lidia Epp is the researcher who discovered the connection between Candida and Parkinson’s symptoms. She is one of the contributors to Pioneers of Recovery. Her Parkinson’s symptoms reversed after completing a successful candida cleanse.

Learning how to dance successfully with candida is the same lesson as learning to balance the energies of giving and receiving. Many people with Parkinson’s symptoms are givers who never stop to receive. They give their life force away. Learning to maintain a delicate balance of giving to others and receiving from others is one of the secrets to a successful recovery program. It is no less important than learning to balance the level of candida in our body.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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Trauma and Parkinson’s Disease Genes

Trauma and Parkinson’s Disease

An idea that has been floating around for decades is that we are stuck with the genes we are born with. Some people are lucky and some unlucky. If we have a gene that predicts cancer – it is likely we will get cancer. If we have the genes that are disposed to Parkinson’s disease, we are likely to develop the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Some of us are dealt a lousy hand in life.
Research in the exciting field of Epigenetics reveals this thinking is baloney. Genes can be turned on and off by “programs” that control those genes. The issue turns on not whether genes exist, but whether they are turned on or off.
What circumstance switches a gene on or off? The answer will fascinate you. It is trauma! Research shows that the tendency toward post traumatic stress (which exhibits symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s) are passed down to the next generation. Children of holocaust survivors pass down a predisposition of stress and anxiety to their offspring.
You may have always thought that there have been no significant traumatic events in your life that could account for the degree of stress and anxiety that you currently experience. When you have heard me talk about the critical role of stress and trauma in affecting Parkinson’s symptoms, you may well have dismissed my argument. Recent research clearly shows that the origins of stress can reside in the experiences of ancestors. This is why my Jump Start to Recovery course includes the tools for clearing family entanglements as well as releasing the residue of past traumas.
How could traumatic events influence whether genes are turned on or off? Simple. When something cataclysmic happens to people they will say that they are not the same person. You may well have heard yourself or friends say the same thing. There it is my friend.
Trauma changes everyone in the family system. If you remain skeptical, listen to the interview with neuro scientist and epigeneticist Rachel Yehuda who has studied epigenetic changes in holocaust survivors and their children.
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