Music Therapy

Many people who experience Parkinson’s symptoms cannot believe that something as simple and inexpensive as music therapy can provide any symptom relief whatsoever They insist that an expensive treatment like stem cell therapy can offer the promise of helping to reverse symptoms. I am here to tell you today that this belief is dead wrong! The simple, inexpensive therapies often provide the biggest bang for the buck!

Parkinsons Recovery Radio Features a Show on Music Therapy

My special guest on the radio show next week is Kris Warren who has traveled across the globe interviewing experts on the benefits of music as a therapy for reversing chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease. Kris is also a music artist who recently discovered Music Therapy. He wrote a song last year about how music is his therapy not realizing Music Therapy is a viable treatment option for chronic illnesses.

Kris will be joined on the radio show by Professor Michael Thaut from Colorado State University whose research has focused on the application of music for the neurologic rehabilitation of impaired cognitive and motor functions.

Visit the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show page to get the full scoop on this exiting holiday show.

TMJ treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

On a Parkinsons Recovery radio show I aired four years ago Cheryl heralded a TMJ treatment for Parkinson’s Disease that offered her welcome relief from her Parkinson’s symptoms. For a little background on where this story starts – listen to this radio show by click on the link below:

Cheryl’s  Miracle Turnaround

John, a listener of the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show, recently asked Cheryl for an update on her current situation.  nI have her permission to post her email response to John which follows:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets to Healing

I guess you want to know if I am living Parkinson’s free, (among other things). Let me address this question first.. The short answer is : No, I’m not, unfortunately…Which is what I was hoping for – aren’t we all?

That being said.. There is a success story attached to that NO answer….

Sorry to be so confusing John. It’s kind of strange John.. But I would highly recommend gettting an appliance especially if you were diagnosed within the last 5 years!!.. I am still better then anyone else I know who is living with Parkinson;s.. My Neurologist at
UCLA can’t believe how little meds I take, how well I move, etc.. He says people living with Parkinson’s for 15 years , like I have, are all doing so much worse..

That being said: I have had lasting improvements, that I attribute to the appliance.. EX. I can brush my teeth manually. I can put a sandwich in a baggie and have improved penmanship to name a few things off the top of my head.

That being said. I fall down – a lot- and I have tremors in my legs, that I never had 6 months ago. So I can tell the disease is marching on….

The bottom line is: it’s worth it!!! I still advocate for everyone in the Parkinson;s community to get an appliance.. It’s not a cure but it definitely, definitely helps And it helps with out side effects. It also heals you today!! There is no waiting for clinical trials. And it’s immediate.. google Dr Brendon Stacks DDS in Virginia. Watch the videos… The appliance is real and it does work… I guess I was just hoping for more…but if the way I am is all I can get, well as I said.. I am still better of then if I had never used it.

Your friend in the trenches,


PS: I still wear my appliance, albeit not as often as what I should.

Amino Acid Therapy

What you will see below is an email about amino acid therapy I received yesterday that I have permission to post here. It is always exciting to hear news of people who are have good success on the road to recovery.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

 I found a holistic neurologist in NYC – Christian Enescu. He put me on a program called targeted amino acid therapy. I am using prescription supplements by a company called CHK. There is a Hinz protocol which I think is similar and is one of the original amino acid therapy treatments. It required going cold turkey off all meds.

This is day 23 and I see a big light at the end of the tunnel. In the beginning I crashed. It was a VERY DIFFICULT time. Slowly started to feel better. I am almost at the point where I was before I started the program- which was mild symptoms (because they were being controlled by meds). This is working for me. This is HUGE! I fully expect to feel completely normal again soon.


How to Transform the Energy Field Around a Person

Speaking practically, how can the energy field around a person be cleansed of obstructions and distortions? When the energy field is transformed, less force is required to transport it.

Think of transformation as a cleansing of the field of energy that encapsulates the
object. In its natural state, the field of energy around any entity is contaminated with distortions in the form of blockages or discordant frequencies. When distortions of any form are removed and cleared, the energy field is purified. This paves the way for less physical resistance.

Put simply, when you purify the field of energy it is easy to move a heavy object long distances.  And, when the field of energy around a person is purified, it is much easier for them to move as well.

All humans have energy fields that are distorted to one degree or another unless a conscious effort is made to cleanse them.  Traumas and toxins are the usual culprits. They will always distort an energy field to one extent or another. It is helpful to adopt a practice of purifying our own energy fields as we are continually exposed to toxins and traumas that distort them. If there are too many distortions field, a person will inevitably get sick.

The focus of my step by step guide for how to transform the energy field of a person applies to a person. The same principle can be applied to transforming the weight of a heavy boulder. Once you experience the energy field transformation yourself, it is easy to see how the Egyptians built those amazing pyramids so many thousands of years ago.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Transform the Energy Field Around a Person

Mechanisms for transforming the energy field of living entities will differ from innate objects. This demonstration focuses on the transformation of the energy field around a person.

Five participants are needed for this demonstration. Follow the steps below.

  1. Recruit four volunteers in addition to yourself.
  2. Ask one of the volunteers to sit in a chair placed in an open space.
  3. Have the four other volunteers (including yourself) stand around the person sitting in the chair. They will form a square facing one another. One person faces the back of the person sitting in the chair. The second person faces the front of the person in the chair. The other two persons face each side of the person sitting in the chair, respectively.
  4. The initial challenge to the persons standing around the person sitting in the chair is to lift them using only two fingers. Now this is a challenge which for all practical purposes is impossible even for people with large muscles.  Have the four persons standing around the person who is seated clasp their hands together with their two pointing fingers from each hand outstretched and pointing forward. Have the four volunteers attempt to lift the person sitting in the chair using only their two pointing fingers by placing their point fingers as follows.

Ask the persons standing in the back and front of the seated person to place their pointing fingers under one of the arm pits of the seated person. Ask persons standing at their side to place their pointing fingers under a knee. That is, the person standing on the left side places their pointing fingers under the left knee. The person standing on their right side places their pointing fingers under the right knee.

On a count of three, ask all four persons to see if they can lift the seated person off of their chair. Of course, they will be unable to accomplish this challenge using their two pointing fingers only. Be sure no one strains to lift the person off the chair as this challenge will be impossible. The idea here is to experience the force that is required for four persons to lift a seated person with their pointing fingers within a field of energy that has not been transformed.

5. Now it is time to transform the energy field which will make lifting the person easy.

One of the four persons standing – it does not matter which one – starts by placing their right hand on the head of the person who is seated. The person standing to their left places their right hand on top of the hand already positioned. There are now two hands on top of the head of the seated person. The third person standing places their right hand on the hand of the second person. The fourth person then places their hand on top of the third hand already in position. In other words, go around the circle of the people who are standing from one person to the next as they place their right hands on top of each other. There should now be four hands on the head of the seated person which are at right angles.

Continue the process by placing the left hands of the persons who are standing on top of the head of the person who is seated. Proceed placing left hands (going around the circle) on top of the hands already placed on the head of the person who is sitting. There are now eight hands on the top of the head of the seated person that form right angles to one another. Leave the eight hands in position for 30 seconds or longer.

6. Without pausing and on the count of three, ask the four volunteers who are standing around the person who is seated to quickly remove their hands off the head, clasp their hands with their pointing finger extended and place their pointing fingers under an arm pit or knee just as they did before.

The field of energy has only been transformed for a short period, so it is critical to act quickly. With as little pause as possible, ask everyone to lift the person again just as they did before the field was transformed. If done quickly enough the seated person can now be lifted off the chair into the air, unlike before. It sometimes takes a little practice so that no one is delaying too long to place their fingers in position for lifting. With a little practice the ease with which the seated person can be lifted off the chair in an energy field that has been transformed will be obvious to everyone.

When you transform the energy field, objects (and in our demonstration people) become lighter and much easier to move (or lift). Less power and effort is needed to send an object in motion or, as in the example above, lift a person off of a chair. When transformation of the energy field is complete, less force and power is required. And, of course, this means that less energy is required.

Most people with mobility challenges view the problem as one that has been created by physical limitations. The challenges with mobility that are imposed by an energy field that has not been cleansed and cleared are, in my opinion, formidable and overlooked by most people.  When the energy field around a person is purified, mobility becomes less problematic. It is far easier to move a human body that has been cleansed of contaminants whether they be toxins or trauma.

Permanent transformations of the energy field require ongoing interventions. Temporary transformations are possible with the demonstration I have outlined above. I will discuss the architecture needed for permanent transformations of energy fields in a description soon to be posted.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Seven Secrets of Healing


How did the Egyptians Build the Pyramids?

Various theories have been proposed about how did the Egyptians built the pyramids. Similar theories can be found for how the Romans moved boulders weighing one thousand tons. The word in the previous sentence is correct: tons, not pounds! Theories
in both cases suggest that the heavy objects were moved by a clever configuration of ramps, slides and elevated pathways that were lubricated to reduce friction and facilitate movement.

It is logical to conclude that heavy boulders could have been dragged on level ground on top of sleds connected to long ropes pulled by hundreds of laborers and animals. It would have been easier to pull sleds over long distances on flat surfaces which were lubricated. Such a technology would have been slow ad laborious but it would eventually have succeeded in transporting the heavy boulders to the pyramid sites.

It is also logical to conclude that ramps or sleds could have been constructed to lift the heavy boulders to the lower levels of the pyramid. As I see it, is not not logical or practical to believe that the boulders could have been moved to the top of the pyramids by human strength using mechanical assists of any configuration however clever. No theorist has ever suggested that humans living thousands of years ago had one hundred times the strength of humans living today.

I have no doubt but that the evidence scholars have unearthed regarding ramps and other configurations were used by the ancient Egyptians and Romans to construct their monuments. But a transformation of the heavy weights involved would have been necessary to move the heavy objects to the highest levels of the pyramids. The weight of the boulders had to be reduced at least temporarily for the force of human muscle power to succeed in lifting them to the top or pyramids. You can only fit so many human bodies near the top of a tall pyramid. At the top of the pyramids heavy lifting would have to have often been exerted from below the boulders as they were pushed up rather than pulled up. There was no place to stand above the highest point.

What do I theorize the Egyptians did to move those heavy boulders to the tops of the pyramids? They temporarily transformed the energy fields of each boulder before they moved them. A heavy object such as a boulder can become much lighter temporarily when its energy field is cleansed. Once transformed, an energy cocoon of sorts engulfs the heavy object, making it 50 times lighter to lift. The capacity of human muscle power becomes sufficient to elevate the heavy objects even against the force of gravity. The field of gravity is not altered. Rather, the immediate field connected to the heavy object is cleared of distortions and energetic blockages.

I admit it – this all sounds rather wild and theoretically implausible. You are probably thinking that the Egyptians did not have the sophisticated technology we have today. Of course they did not have computers or cranes but they did not need them. I believe they
succeeded in transforming the energy fields of the boulders using as few as four laborers.

Instead of reading about how an energy field can be transformed I will introduce a step by step explanation for how this can be accomplished in my next post. You are invited to experience the transformation yourself. To do so you will need to recruit four friends to assist with the experiment. The demonstration involves lifting a person by once their energy field is cleared.

My line of reasoning has a direct and profound connection to what is needed to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Stick with me on this one. You will not be disappointed.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

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Robert Rodgers, Ph.D
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Secret to Activating the Power of Universal Energy

Yesterday’s post left you with a teaser. What is the first step that must be taken to produce a the energy of the future that does not use the scarce reserves of oil or coal or natural gas? The bigger question that puzzles everyone with Parkinson’s symptoms is: What does this important step have to do with reversing chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s disease?

Invention of a clean source of energy that does not require the extraction of natural
resources of oil or oil or natural gas is the highest priority of all global priorities in the year 2014. Scientists agree that the effects of global warming have become exponential. At this point in the earth’s long history, more efficient consumption of scarce natural resources does  not stand a chance of reversing the devastating effects of global warming. It is the nightmare everyone feared. Time has run out.

If the grandeur of New York City skyscrapers or the pristine beaches of Miami Florida are
to be preserved for future generations, a new source of clean energy has to be invented that is different from all the methods employed today. What can be a source of new energy if not derived from oil. coal or busting up atoms?

A source of energy that offers the opportunity to dramatically reduce greenhouse emission has always existed. It is not new as it has always existed since the origins of the universe. Humans on earth have just not yet discovered how to access it. This problem will soon be solved. The source of new energy which emits no harmful exhausts is known in scientific circles as universal energy.

Scientists have studied the existence of a universal source of energy both theoretically and an empirically which is to say that they have imagined it exists and even shown the theory to be true. Existence of Higg’s God particle has been a theoretical postulate until 2013 when scientists in Geneva working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) verified its existence empirically. Many physicists now believe that the God particle is a key building block of the universe.

Universal energy exists everywhere in the world – from the energy fields of humans and animals to the energy fields of fire hydrants and sidewalks. We do not find it only in certainly locations like the oil fields of Texas or the coal mines of Kentucky mountains.It exists everywhere in the universe.  It exists everywhere in the universe – on the craters of the moon, inside the volcanoes of earth and even in black holes.

You do not extract universal energy from the earth. It requires no heavy duty extraction equipment such as wells needed to pump out oil or coal carts to carry coal out from deep inside mountains. Once we have developed the technology to harness it, we can power up the lights and appliances of our homes and fire up engines whether they power cars, trains or planes.

The obstacle to harnessing universal power is that in its raw form, it lacks the force and power that has traditionally been used to operate vehicles,  fly planes, move trains or light the skyscrapers of the world’s cities. Certainly gas or coal or nuclear power is required to accomplish such feats?

The surprising answer to this puzzle is no! Why is this? The universal energy fields of all objects in the world – both living and nonliving – are corrupted to one extent or another. All energy fields have entanglements, blockages and obstructions unless they are cleared and cleansed.  Some fields of energy are less problematic than others.

By way of analogy, imagine the universal energy field as either a three dimensional spider web or an image of frozen water. First, consider what a distorted architecture of a spider web might look like. It would have twists, turns, angles, dead ends and other anomalies in its curvature and shape. Such a spider web represents distortions that are found in the universal energy fields of all living creatures and non living objects until and unless they are purified and cleansed. Most fields of energy have not been cleansed and purified.

Second by way of further explanation, imagine the crystal like structures that are seen in images of fresh, unpolluted water crystals that have been frozen in contrast to the images of the crystals of water that has been polluted.  Ground breaking work by Masaru Emoto from Japan stunned the world with his photographs of water crystals. He showed that Images of the water from purified sources are beautiful structures with intricate geometric shapes.  Images of water from polluted sources had little structure or form whatsoever. Pictures of the crystals from polluted water had blotches and abstract forms. Even more fascinating was his discovery that the pollution could take the form of thoughts alone! Dark thoughts generated mal-formed images. Uplifting, positive  thoughts generated crystals that looked like magnificent church cathedrals.

The Secret to Activating Universal Energy

The second postulate that underpins the ability to harness universal energy is the following:

Energy fields must be cleansed and purified before universal energy is accessed. 

Until now, there has been no requirement to address the blockages and distortions of energy fields or cars or homes or planes or trains. Gasoline is a powerful source of energy that provides the all the power that is required to activate mechanical engines for transit through any energy field, however distorted or entangled. When burned in power plants coal is also a powerful source of energy that transmits energy to cities and towns. We have always been able to tap into a source of fuels that have the capacity when burned or heated to plow its way through any physical obstacle – including wind resistance, the resistance of gravity as well as any and all other resistances of a physical nature.

When using a source of power that has less force as is the case when accessing the universal energy field, it is first necessary to cleanse and purify the energy fields that enfold the engines that must be powered. Think of the transformation by way of analogy:

In the spider web of universal energy as well as the distortions in the crystal shapes found in water…

  • Entanglements are untied.
  • Obstructions are removed.
  • Blockages are cleared.
  • Geometric shapes are clarified

Once the energy field of a car or plane or rocket is cleansed and restructured it will not
take the force of high voltage electricity to source the energetic needs of vehicles or engines. Accessing the force of universal energy will be quite sufficient indeed.
Best of all, using universal energy as fuel does not exhaust scarce resources and is free to access as it exists everywhere.

You are probably thinking that no one has ever restructured the energy field. In my next post I will explain how the knowledge for doing just that is thousands of years old.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Below is profoundly insightful correspondence written by Rick who is on his own journey down the Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease.
Parkinson’s disease is caused by the relentless death off dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra part of the brain which controls the central nervous system. Small intercellular furnaces known as mitochondria responsible for energy flow malfunction which give rise to oxidation agents called free radicals and it is these that are responsible for the death of the dopamine cells which they say don’t grow again. Scary stuff.
I’m told by my my neurologist that there’s nothing to be done and she also wrote that it was probably inherited dna. Since that time I’ve done a lot of my own research and ended up in a completely different place and have got into some new biology called epigenetics which has a completely different spin on dna, namely instead of lets say 50% dna which is inherited suddenly its 1 to 5% and the remainder is the effect of the environment that is to say that it is largely us that control our health and well being. This was music to my ears having been told that I have something classified as neurologically degenerative. And who thinks up this totally shitty and demoralising terminology.
I’ve adopted a scatter gun approach by testing the different possibilities, so its unlikely to be inherited, going to the shrink to find out if there were any negative patterns instigated by events in the first 7 years from for example by Henderson’s fire or moving 5 times in these 7 years. In these years there is a direct feed of info into the sub conscious which is the hard drive that controls 95 % of our brain activity and is difficult to influence. This part of the brain is massively powerful and correspondingly dull. However early negative crisis could elicit a later neurological shut down called Parkinsons. I developed an unhealthy amount of anger quite young in connection with the above mentioned fire and incessant moving.
Other issues were that Dad was hardly ever around because he was so out of joint after the fire and protected to some extent by mum who herself didn’t have a lot of excess energy to deal with a family when she herself had health issues. As the psychologist mentioned this is where the neglect and freedom come in. May also have been a bit put out sub consciously by dads slight envy and competition with us instead of being a father.
Other causes of Parkinson’s disease could airborne dirt/insulation which I was exposed to. Also read about a vet who’d been exposed to mercury poisoning and went to a holistic clinic on Jutland and this is where I had a test sent down to be analysed in Germany. 12 times too much mercury and 16 times too much copper. So I’m on a course of vitamins and will. Have 4 × 3 hours on vitamin C intravenously. 

Another difficulty has been the general very negative view of the illness probably helping with a placebo effect. Think yourself ill and you become ill and vice versa. We have huge powers of self healing which can be confused neutralized by over medication. 


Energy of the Future

In the centuries ahead, people will think of life in the 21st century as very backward and very outdated. In less than a decade from now, those of us alive today will be viewed as living in an ancient times. People in the year 2024 will pity us.

Of course, everyone today in the year of 2014 thinks of our lifestyle to be very sophisticated and very modern.

  • We can connect with anyone in the world instantly.
  • We can fly from New York to London in 5 hours.
  • We can drive from San Francisco to New York in 3 days.

What would our great great grandchildren say about life as it was lived in the 21st century? They will say I cannot believe…

  1. People had to put gas in their cars to make them move.
  2. The earth was populated by electrical wires that ran across polls positioned along the sides of streets.
  3. Rockets carrying spaceships had to burn fuel to escape the gravitational pull of the earth.

Energy of the Future

The source of energy that will soon fuel cars, planes, trains and rockets (or space ships) in the 22nd century will not rely on gas or coal or nuclear power. What then you ask?

The source of energy that will be soon accessed has always existed. Inventors have yet to figure out how to tap into this universal source of energy. This problem is about to be solved.

What is this source of clean energy that does not depend on gas or coal or nuclear energy? It is derived from the universal energy field that has always existed throughout time and space.

I know what you are probably thinking right now : Right. Sure. Everyone knows that while there is a source of energy that exists out there (from light or sound for example) it has no where near the power of strength needed to power a car, plane train or rocket for that matter. To this criticism I say to you – you are dead right. Have I just shot my
argument in the foot so to speak? No I have not my dear friend.

There is a first step that has to be taken to invent a clean source of energy before the universal source of energy can be accessed to operate engines, household appliances, cars, trains and planes.

What is the initial step that must be taken?

Tune in tomorrow for the answer but please do not hang onto your seats while you wait!
The last thing I want to do is to create stress in your life. The answer has profound consequences to anyone currently experiencing a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease!

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease
Seven Secrets to Healing Chronic Disease