Causes of Parkinson’s

When you step away from any diagnosis such as Parkinson’s  disease you are in a position to acknowledge there are likely to be many systems which are compromised. The causes of Parkinson’s as evidence in neurological challenges are multi-faceted. This is why symptoms manifest so differently in people.

Pouring more dopamine in your body may provide a temporary relief from your symptoms. Great.  If that is all you expect or want, fine. But, why not dig a little deeper and ask the question:

What are some of the the potential causes of my symptoms?

My research over the past decade as reported in part in Pioneers of Recovery reveals that there are many potential causes.

Causes of Parkinson’s

  •  Perhaps you have an infection from a tetanus inoculation.
  • Perhaps your liver is clogged with toxins.
  • Perhaps your gall bladder is bloated.
  • Perhaps the healthy flora in your intestines is absent.
  • Perhaps your appendix is infected.
  • Perhaps your tonsils are filled with bacteria.
  • Perhaps your organs are infested with Candida.
  • Perhaps you have a bacterial infection (like Lyme).
  • Perhaps you have manganese in the delicate tissues cells of your brain.
  • Perhaps you have mercury in your kidneys.
  • Perhaps your muscles (not your bones) have too many calcium deposits.

Of course, the above list is a cursory preview of dozens of possible causes. When you
acknowledge that there exist many potential causes, it is easy to understand why talk
of a “cure” for Parkinson’s symptoms is silly. Any “cure” depends on the cause.
Once you know the cause or causes of your symptoms, you can engage a set of therapies
that can potentially help your body heal.

How can infusing your body with more dopamine help your body release manganese in your brain or infection in your liver or bacterial in your tonsils? It obviously cannot.

 Most people have a good idea of some of the primary causes of their symptoms.  Again, ask yourself this simple question:

What is causing my symptoms?

Become your own doctor. Act on your own hunches whether they come from a PhD (like myself) or anyone else for that matter. Celebrate the result when you focus your attention on addressing a specific reason for the symptoms rather than suppressing them with medications.

Robert Rodgers, PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Forget About It

Forget About It

I have a recommendation for you to consider this labor day holiday that you may well
think is outrageous. I admit it. It is outrageous. But I predict if you follow my recommendation, you will be surprised and pleased with the result.

My suggestion – which costs nothing by the way – is to forget about the fact you have been
diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My labor day holiday recommendation obviously needs an explanation which I will offer by way of explaining why some people recover from cancer and others do not.

Cancer Survivors

People who are more likely to recover from cancer have one trait in common. They forget about it. They focus their energy on making the changes in their life that are necessary to help their body heal.  They spend their time eating nutritious food, exercising every day and living their life to the fullest. They embrace their passions, especially those they have neglected.

People who do not recover from cancer focus their energy on the cancer itself.

  • They focus their thoughts and attention to where the cancer  is said to be located in their body.
  • They consider over and over again the methods that must be used to kill the cancer.
  • They spend their time in hospitals and clinics receiving invasive treatments.
  • They become intimately acquainted with the technical terminology used by medical doctors. In just a few weeks they sound like doctors.

When I just used the word “cancer” – did you feel a tinge of fear crawl up your spine? Did you perhaps think  to yourself …

Oh my! Having Parkinson’s is enough for anyone. Is it possible I have cancer too?

Just reading about cancer is traumatic for people. Guess what?  We all have
cancer cells in our body. Cancer cells are everywhere – in our toes and in our head, No one is exempt.  Most people give their cancer cells get far too much attention. It is this intense
attention and fear that feeds and nourishes the cancer to grow rapidly and thrive. It gives them energy to grow and thrive.

Who Recovers from Parkinson’s Disease?

Permit me now to apply the same ideas about cancer to Parkinson’s. Didn’t you go
into fear just like everyone else when you were told you had “Parkinson’s disease”?
I say :

Forget about it.

Drain the entire experience of being told you have this “disease” town the toilet. I predict you will be much happier.

  1. You will have more enthusiasm.
  2. You will have more time to focus attention on taking the positive steps needed to reverse your symptoms.
  3. You will enjoy spending more time with your family. You will regenerate your love of life.

Let the doctors and researchers agonize over a diagnosis. Let them worry which treatments to recommend for “Parkinson’s Disease.” That happens to be the work that they have chosen. Acknowledge that it is the job of medical doctors and researchers to sort through these issues. You are not being paid a handsome salary to think these thoughts. They are.

Centering your moment to moment thoughts on a diagnosis of Parkinson’s that your doctor has declared need not dominate or ruin your life. Any diagnosis – yours included – is simply the opinion of one person anyway.  There is no definitive way to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. My research shows there is a very good chance you do not have
what is labeled as classic “Parkinson’s disease. You have something else. Why get
depressed over a disease state you may have never have had anyway?

When you forget about it, you no longer have to think about whether a “cure” will be
found in your lifetime. Right? It does not matter a flip. You have forgotten about it. Let the doctors and researchers worry about finding a cure. Again, that is what they are being paid to do.

Again, you are not being paid to think about a cure – so why bother? It
just clutters up your mind with thoughts that you can do nothing about.

I believe when you forget about it, you have the opportunity to become more mindful of all the signals your body is sending to you moment to moment. Symptoms no longer have an overarching label of a “disease.” They are simply discrete messages that your body sends to you moment to moment. The point of the messages you are being given is that a change is required of some type for your symptoms to resolve. Instead of trying to silence the symptoms with drugs, why not listen to them? Allow your body is talk to you.

  • Perhaps you simply need to drink more water.
  • Perhaps you simply need to breathe more deeply.
  • Perhaps you need to stop using a cell phone.
  • Perhaps you need to stop eating sugar.
  • Perhaps you need more exercise.
  • Perhaps …

If you insist on attaching yourself to the proposition you have Parkinson’s
disease, you are much more likely to wait around for a “cure” than realize that in the moment, all you may need to do to feel better is to drink water, breath more deeply and exercise.

Focusing on a disease – Parkinson’s in this case – generates negative thoughts.
It activates and sustains depression. Focusing on your passions opens endless possibilities of exploration and experimentation.

  • Want to live a happier life despite whatever symptoms you currently experience?
  • Want to reverse depression?
  • Want to have more energy to live your life to the fullest?

Certainly there are many ways to accomplish these goals. One of the smartest and might I add cheapest ways is to simply just forget you have Parkinson’s disease. Let your doctor worry about a cure. Get on with the business of healing and pursuing your passions.
I predict your labor day holiday (if you live in the west) will be delicious if you do.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Road to Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinsons Recovery

Fava Beans Tincture Secret Recipe Revealed

I posted an update from Aunt Bean today on the Parkinsons Recovery Fava Beans website. Aunt Bean is a self-designated Parkinson’s researcher who is dedicated to finding natural approaches to reverse her own Parkinson’s symptoms. Her specialty is identifying foods that provide relief from symptoms…

Fava Beans Tincture

One of Aunt Beans most exciting discoveries is her fava bean tincture which she makes for herself and friends. I think she should receive the Parkinsons Researcher of the year award for this discovery alone – and she has many.Whenever Aunt Bean experiences the beginning stages of her own Parkinson’s symptoms, she places a drop or two of her tincture and presto.
Her symptoms dissolve. It is really quite remarkable. Her fava bean tincture is natural. It has no side effects.

Aunt Bean does not manufacture or sell the tincture. She does post her secret recipes on the Parkinsons Recovery Fava Bean website. Discover how she makes her tincture. Read all of her secrets revealed.

Do You Have a Systematic Recovery Program?


Do You have a systematic recovery program? 

Is a Recovery Program Realistic?

Our experience in working with persons who have Parkinson’s has convinced us that there is no standard protocol that is the panacea. Of course, there is no “cure.” Factors that cause the
condition are multi-faceted so it depends.

We do know from a thorough review of the research that the symptoms can be caused by heavy metals, pesticides, chemical toxins, pathogens, trauma and stress. A variety of natural therapies are available to address each of these threats to the healthy function of the body.  We encourage each individual to investigate the therapies that are available
depending on their own individual needs and preferences and the primary factors that are causing their symptoms. 

  • Whole body detoxes are critical.
  • Strengthening the immune system is a must.
  • Reducing inflammation is important.
  • Nutrition is essential.
  • Adjusting the hormonal thermostat is important.
  • Exercising the body and the mind makes a huge difference.
  • Laughter every day helps.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery


Parkinsons Recovery Resources

Several years ago I received numerous requests from people with Parkinson’s interested in having an organized summary of Parkinsons Recovery resources I have generated over the past decade. I initially resisted this idea. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to write, edit and publish books.  Besides, all of the information is readily available on the websites maintained by Parkinsons Recovery.

Several people pointed out that the information is scattered all over the place:  radio shows from five years ago, blog posts written over the course of 10 years. To get some of the information you need, you have to listen to a series of one hour radio shows.

I was ultimately convinced by supporters and readers of my work and proceeded to write books which summarized the insights and information I had been documenting on my many websites. The premier book is Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease, with other companion books including Pioneers of Recovery, Five Steps to Recovery and Seven Secrets to Healing.  I have also released many books about specific therapies that help people find relief from their symptoms. They are listed on my Amazon author page.

How to Claim Parkinsons Recovery Resources

Many of my books are now available in public libraries, but not all libraries.  If you would like to read any of my books and it is not available on the shelves of your public library, you can always submit an interlibrary loan request through your local library. Interlibrary loan requests are free to submit in most libraries. Your library should be able to obtain the book from another library that has it. If your local library receives enough interlibrary requests for a book, the staff will add it to their permanent collection. This makes the book readily available to everyone  your community.

Help others by helping yourself. Claim the Parkinsons Recovery books you want to read from your public library.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery


Secrets to Healing: Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

Are Answers are “Out There” Somewhere?

Many people who experience symptoms of Parkinsons Disease engage an aggressive search for ways to reverse them.  Secrets to healing are somewhere “out there” in the universe. The belief is that most of the good answers are difficult to find. The journey for the right answers is much like a treasure hunt for a treasure that is buried in a secret vault – a Fort Knox of sorts that locks up all the answers for reversing Parkinson’s symptoms.

Sometimes the journey involves finding one solution after another. When one
solution fails to produce desired results, a new solution or therapy is pursued.
Some people chase after dozens of therapies. Results are often disappointing time and time again. The search for answers “out there” is exhausting!

Research can and does make a difference. Being better informed can and does make a difference to recovery. That is why I maintain the massive body of resources on options for recovery on the many Parkinsons Recovery websites I subsidize.

But, there is a downside to a search “out there” somewhere for answers. It activates a continuous infusion of adrenaline. Adrenaline rushes are stimulating. They energize the body into action. The downside to adrenaline rushes is that the body has no energy or resources to produce dopamine. What is needed to reverse symptoms is to maintain a delicate balance of dopamine and adrenaline.

Recovery is Always Moving Toward You

There is a companion approach to a search for answers that offers the promise of marvelous results.  Think about recovery as an opportunity that is always moving toward you. It is not something you have to discover by searching long and hard in places far away.

One of the seven secrets to healing a chronic illness like Parkinson’s disease is to
listen to the messages your body is always trying to communicate to you.  The body has a memory of the perfect state of wellness and health. Disease is not the body’s natural state. Health is.  the body is always striving to reverse any disease process that causes neurological symptoms.

Your body is giving you important information every day. Perhaps your intuition tells you to stop dying your hair or stop using a particular shampoo or stop using laundry detergent that is toxic. Perhaps you always tend to discount the instincts about recovery that you get  every day. When you begin to trust these instincts you may marvel at how much better you begin to feel.

  • Finding natural ways to die your hair is not a solution that is “out there.” It is right here!
  • Finding a natural shampoo without toxins is not a mysterious solution that is “out there” somewhere. It is right here!
  • Changing your laundry detergent is not a task that can be performed only by a rocket scientist.

You can do it – right now.

The reality is that recovery is staring you in the face every day. Your job is simple. Pay attention. Act on any and all intuitions that you get when you listen to your body.

The body has all the resources it needs to maintain the delicate balance of adrenaline and dopamine. You usually have to make some life style changes to give the body the support it needs. When the body has the resources it needs to maintain balance, symptoms will melt like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

The answers have been staring you in the face all along. They are not “out there.” They have always been moving toward you.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets to Healing  

Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

What follows is a fascinating report of a revelation about healing Parkinson’s disease from a dream state. Now that is a novel approach. eh? You never know when profound insights might pop up when you are asleep and dreaming.  You might even discover healing Parkinson’s disease is the outcome.

This is what Rick discovered during his dream state as you can see in his email
which I have posted below.  Dreams can reveal critical information about the cause of symptoms that you could never figure out any other way. The mystery is often em bedded deep in our subconscious.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Rick’s Experience with Healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally

Hi Robert,

I have started doing Qigong after Bianca`s regime.

Apropos intuition I had two dreams on consecutive nights after night time
sessions of qigong/meditation. In the first dream it was presented to me why I had Parkinson’s disease – anger – with an explanation of why. In the second dream I died and was looking down on my body being asked by the controller of the archives where my soul info would be stored what I thought of my life to which I replied

“okay but hard -“

He then asked me why to which I replied that I had been too rigid and controlling of
everything in my life.

I woke up fresh and optimistic. So yes we are our own healers /therapists/doctors if we allow ourselves-

Warm regards and thanks.


One Way to Heal Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease from the Inside-Out

Everyone in a body journeys down an unpaved, rocky road of healing. The journey inevitably involves encounters with disease in one form or another. Diseases play a central role in healing.

Many people fear disease. They get angry because they became ill. Like it or not, we have to get sick so that the body can build up the immune system that is needed to fend off threats in the forms of toxins and bacteria.

Some people have an abundance of cancer cells. Others have blood pressure issues. Still others confront the the unexpected and unwanted symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Some have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Perhaps you are one. Others have not been diagnosed. Everyone with neurological challenges – whether diagnosed or not – is unsure about which path to take and what choices to make. There are so many.

People make one of three choices in response to the neurological imbalances.

  1. The first choice is to ignore the symptoms. Most people do this. I have. If you wait, who knows. They may disappear.
  2. The second choice is to shut the discomfort down. Terminate the pain. End the agony. Better to silence the symptom right now for they may get worse. This choice usually involves treatments of one form or another that must be continued for a lifetime. Treatments for symptom relief can empty your pocketbook.

The third choice involves listening to the wisdom of your body. This is the choice that offers the promise of lasting healing.

Listen to Your Body to Heal Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

To listen to your body – you have to ask your body specific questions like:

  • “Ok soul mate. What in the world is up? Why do you keep screaming at me?”

Make no pretense here. Your body is your soul mate for life.

  • “Is all of this discomfort really necessary? What are you trying to tell me?”

If you want to know the best choice to make, listen to the answers you get when you ask your body questions like these. For most people, answers come in the form of raw intuition. Instincts that emerge from our gut are precisely the insights needed to succeed. Your body is the one doctor you can always trust.

When we make sound decisions for our health, symptoms often get worse before they get better. When the response given is a direct response to the needs of the body, healing will unfold. This is not to say the road to recovery will be a smooth ride.

When the right choices are made we will feel lighter. We will get more energy.

The body is always trying to get your attention when there are imbalances. Pay close attention to the information your body is giving you. It is always trying to get your attention. When you do not listen more symptoms occur. The symptoms themselves are clues as to the underlying reason for the discomfort.

May your experiences today invite a new relationship with your body. Discomfort is one way to engage a deeper part of yourself. Listen to the reasons your body is out of balance. Trust your raw instincts. Respect the wisdom of your body to know the right path to take and the best choices to make. Your body has been and will always be your best friend. Leaning how to Listen to your body is one of the seven secrets to healing.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Seven Secrets of Healing 

Healing Parkinson’s Disease

After ten years of interviews with hundreds of persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s I am well aware that most people would prefer to mask their symptoms. Some people even prefer to hide out in their homes. All interest in going out on the town vanishes. Why?

Many symptoms of Parkinson’s disease – but not all – are difficult to hide. Other people tend to notice a face that has no expression. Other people tend to notice tremors, awkward mobility and freezing when those are the presenting symptoms for a person
with Parkinson’s symptoms. I say – so what?

Why? Yes – Parkinson’s symptoms are more “public”. Yes – symptoms can be horribly debilitating.

Rather than focusing on your own symptoms take a day or two to pay closer attention to other people; friends, family and strangers. Do most other people look
healthy to you? Certainly some are, but my casual observations of people as I walk the streets of my hometown of Olympia is that most people look unhealthy to me – even young people.

They may not have tremors, but their energy levels seem horribly depleted to me. The skin of many people looks sickly. Many look very sick to me. Wouldn’t you agree?

A surprising number of persons these days also have waste sizes that are too large for their bodies. For many reasons, more and more people are gaining too much weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that a vast majority of persons with Parkinson’s  symptoms do not tend to be overweight.

I would argue that you are in a much better situation for one important reason. Given that it is impossible to ignore Parkinson’s symptoms you acknowledge your body is out of balance. Right now it needs a little extra attention and a large dose of loving care.

People without any symptoms that “show” like tremors or gait problems tend to be in denial. They hold out the false expectation that their health problems will magically vanish tomorrow. Since they are not doing anything about their poor health, it will inevitably deteriorate.

In the wash, symptoms that are visible to you and others are a reminder to focus on a healthy lifestyle so that the symptoms can be reversed. The mere fact you are reading my blog today is a strong indication that you have set the intention to heal. Setting the
intention carries you 90% down the road to recovery. The good news of the day is that you are doing something about your health.

And what about others without Parkinson’s symptoms? A vast majority of other people without Parkinson’s symptoms are in denial about  their poor health. They are taking no positive action to heal, unlike you.

Celebrate the exciting expectation of recovery. Other people can choose to get sicker. You are making the much wiser choice to heal.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery



Energy Psychology as an Exciting New Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Sunday Connections on Sunday, August 17 at 2 pm PDT (5 pm EDT) will be conducted by host John O’Dwyer with special guest Peg Sutherland, a Certified Three Dimensional Therapy (also called T3 Therapy) Practitioner from New England.

T3 Therapy is a new form or “energy psychology” which gets to the subconscious roots of disease, unwanted feelings and sabotaging behavior in a person’s life – “problems” we all need to get rid of and which are often mentioned in Seven Secrets to Healing. T3 sessions can be conducted by Peg in a variety of ways with people all over the U.S. and throughout the world.

Tune in this Sunday (August 17th) to find out all about T3 Therapy. As usual, questions can be asked and will be answered on Sunday. Here are the details on this exciting event:

Title: Sunday Connections with Host John O’Dwyer
Time: Sunday, August 17th at 2:00pm Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 200414#

Here are the details on this exciting event:

Submit your questions right now by clicking on the link below:

Peg will also tell you how to get a short free introductory session, if you would like one.

Here is a short video (less that 8 minutes) about T3 Therapy:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery