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Coaching has been a great help to persons with Parkinson’s disease. In the spirit of offering the type of support that is most useful I opened up enrollments for a series of 4 coaching sessions with me.

There is only one of me which means I can help only a limited number of people. I opened up enrollments several days ago. Today there are only two enrollments left. If interested, be sure to sign up today before I am booked for the summer.

Click on the link below to sign up:

Four (4) Coaching Sessions with Robert Rodgers PhD


Hip Fracture Parkinson’s Disease

Hip Fracture Parkinson’s Disease

 My mother is 79 yrs old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s approximately 5 yrs ago. At this point she has small tremors. One month ago she had a pacemaker/defibrillator put in place w/complications. Her heart is 3-4 times the normal size and the lining is paper thin. She fell approximately 3 weeks ago and fractured her hip. Now to the Parkinson’s question. She is now jerking on her left side from her waist to her neck. Terrible muscle spasms in her left leg from the knee to her ankle. Can trauma cause a “flare”? Sheri

Listen to my radio show interview with Dr. Joe Hickey who discusses in stark detail the consequences of breaking a hip. The short version of a fascinating story is that toxins are stored in the bones. When a bone is fractured. the toxins leak out into the body. This might explain what is happening with you mother.

If my suspicion is correct, you might want to explore the possibility of detoxing heavy metals.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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Jump Start to Recovery at Alderbrook

Finally! A comprehensive approach to recovery.

After a decade of researching what it takes to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms, I have developed a vast set of powerful tools and resources that are helping more and more people reverse their symptoms. The Parkinsons Recovery resources are free and readily
accessible by connecting to the radio show archives, blog posts, Sunday Connections programs and Parkinsons Recovery newsletters. The bounty of free resources are scattered across the dozen websites that I maintain which means they can be difficult to locate (as you have probably already experienced!). It is great they the resources are free. It is not so great they are so difficult to locate.

I am solving this problem as I celebrate Father’s Day! Two incredible resources will make it easy to access the information and support for recovery that has been so helpful to so many who experience Parkinson’s symptoms. This vast body of instructional and
support resources in the form of videos, book downloads and audios are being uploaded into a marvelous Jump Start to Recovery course which will soon be accessible anytime from your computer or smart phone.

If you register now the new Jump Start to Recovery Course includes enrollment in the 2 1/2 day Jump Start program at the Alderbrook resort in Washington which offers the support for recovery that can only be provided in person.

I would be honored to connect with you in person at Alderbrook Jump Start program. Register for the early bird special and get the Jump Start to Recovery course for free.

Jump Start to Recovery is the perfect name for what happens. You get a golden opportunity to jump start your recovery by removing any and all roadblocks that have hindered your ability to get well now.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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Cause of Parkinsons Disease

Cause of Parkinsons Disease is Multifaceted

After only a few minutes of research, you will encounter one explanation that is offered as the cause of Parkinson;s disease – a deficiency of dopamine. Yes, this clearly can be a factor, but only one among many other factors. Where do you start with a recovery program once the symptoms have emerged?
Most people choose at the beginning to suppress their Parkinson’s symptoms.  I discuss during the radio show the many logical reasons why the is the first choice for most people.
In the program today I recommend pursing another strategy. Why not determine the cause of Parkinson s disease first and then design a treatment program that addresses the cause?
My research over the past decade has revealed many surprising conditions that cause the Parkinsons Recoverysymptoms which include (but are certainly not limited to) toxins, infections, trauma, stress and thoughts that we rattle around our heads that are not conducing to recovery. I discuss all of these issues and more during the radio show today.
I also announce an exciting new Jump Start to Recovery program that will convene at Alderbrook in Washington state November 1st – 3rd. Check out the program details.
Robert Rodgers PhD

Jumpy Hands

Hello Robert: This is all mew to us. My 62 year old fiance has insulin dependent diabetes and severe neuropathy in his feet from the diabetes and he has started having jumpy hands, fingers, legs, and other areas of jumpiness in his body such as his eyes twitching and shoulders jumping and some twitching of muscles. He takes morphine for severe chronic arthritis pain in his low back and tailbone. He takes reglin for diabetic slow stomach emptying. He also takes oxycontin for breakthrough pain. His balance issues was caused form the diabeteic neuropathy which he had way before the jumpey problems started. He did not have the jumpy problems until about 6 months ago and it is progressively getting worse a little at a time but is not severe yet. It is not constant but he does jump and twitch in his sleep too as I have noticed this when he is asleep.

Do you think he has Parkinsons Disease? We are very concerned about this, but he does not I am writing to you as I am very concerned for him. Will Parkinsons take his life and does it cause Alzhemiers Disease which I know can eventually take a persons life. How advanced are the drugs for Parkinsons as far as slowing or stopping Parkinsons Disease? How much and for how long do these drugs slow the progression of Parkinsons Disease? Which drugs do you think are the best on the market to use for Parkinsons Disease. Are their any other disease that this could be besides Parkinsons. Any help you can give me is very much appreciated as I don’t want to loose him as he is my whole life. We both met after we had both gone through bad divorces and have only been together 11 yrs and I would like to spend many more years with him. By the way I am 60 and he is 62. Do you think if he had bariatric surgery for weight loss ( he is about 310lbs and 6 foot 2 inches tall) and we have read that gastric bypass surgery will put the diabetes in remisssion as long as he adheres to the eating program after the surgery for good. I am going to have the surgery and I think it will help him too. Any help or information you can give us is very much appreciated.



Hi Andrea:

You have ask a series of questions that involve diagnosing and treating conditions medically with medications and surgeries. I am not the resource who can answer these types of questions which should be addressed to a medical doctor.

From the perspective of a researcher, I have two observations to offer. First, I would recommend that you investigate the side effects of the medications he is taking. Some of his current issues may be due to side effects. Keep in mind there is no research that reports side effects when two medications are used in conjunction with one another, much less more than two medications. The medications themselves combine together to create unreported side effects. Making matters even more complicated, the effects of medications differ depending on the person. Some people can tolerate them. Others cannot.

My second observation is to suggest you take a different perspective. All of your questions address the treatment of symptoms. If you want to be together for another 30 years, think about finding and treating what is causing the symptoms. When it comes to reversing the symptoms of diabetes, diet changes do the trick. Change what you eat every day and you will be dazzled at the result.

Best of luck to the two of you and may you be together for another 30 years.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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Kick Start Recovery at the Alderbrook Resort

I am announcing today a Jump Start to Recovery program to convene November 1st-3rd. I signed the contract yesterday at the prestigious Alderbrook Resort located on the Hood Canal in Washington for a 2 1/2 day Jump Start program led by myself and Deborah Russell, MS. Here is the scoop:

Deborah and I would love to connect with you at Alderbrook. I strongly suggest you make this into a vacation. Plan on experiencing the spectacular Northwest USA either before or after the event.

Robert Rodgers PhD
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How to Calm Tremors

I previewed highlights from my new book, Treatments for Tremors on the radio show today (Monday June 8th). Click on the link below to hear the program.
My new book that was released this week, Treatment for Tremors, is available in two forms: a paperback and a download to your computer.
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