How Can I Listen to Parkinsons Recovery Radio While Walking?

Is there away to download your programs to listen to while driving/walking? I can not sit at the computer that long to listen to the whole show.  I appreciate your shows especially for us on limited incomes who are far away from options that may help . I use to drive 2.5 hrs. to a NUCCA Chiropractor until recently. 

Yes indeed! All radio shows are recorded and archived. You can download any of the shows to a MP3 player – a small device you can slip into your pocket while taking a walk. Players cost very little if you do not have one now.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

Qigong and Parkinson’s

Qigong and Parkinson’s

I am committed to a wellness model…I especially am exploring qigong at least 2 hrs/day for the past 10 mo.

I would like to titrate off of my daily 5 to 6 Sinemets (25/100mg) as well as my 1 mg of Azilect. I have limited myself to 4 Sinemets/day the last three. So far, OK.
Also it seems to me that there are stores of dopamine in the body as I take my last sinemet at 6:30, sleep from 11 pm ’til about 4 am. I do about 90 min of Qigong and feel the most normal. What’s perplexing is that I can feel so good after about ten hours of last sinemet???? Are you aware of why this occurs? …when the 1/2 life, I believe is abou 90 minutes.???? I am grateful for your sharing of what has worked for others.

Blessings, John

Hi John:

Congratulations on your incredible wellness program! Hooray I say!

The thinking about the medication in your question focuses on the effects of medications independent of any other interventions or therapies the person is doing. Your body naturally makes dopamine when you practice  Qigong. This is why  our ancestors practiced Qigong  for thousands of years! It is a tried and true therapy to be sure. I suspect that you are able to take less medication because your body is able to manufacture more of it naturally.

My suggestion for you is to watch my discussion below on the causes of Parkinson’s disease symptoms. As a researcher I have concluded that the causes are many and multi-faceted. If the intent is to suppress symptoms, flooding the body with more dopamine is the standard,tried and true  approach that works more often than not. If you are interested in healing from the inside out, the focus turns on a very different journey to discover and treat the causes.

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Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease



Do I Go Another Route?

My husband has had Parkinsons for 9 years. We first went with the medicine route. It slowly got to the point where every new symptom was given one or two more medicines. He was talking so many medicines that at one point all he was doing was sleeping and wanting to end it all.

Let me know if you need to know all the meds he was on.

I consulted a naturopath who helped us begin supplements and a doctor who helped us wean my husband off the meds very slowly. He has been off the meds for about 5 months now.

The naturopath assured me that getting off the meds would be the answer, but that has not been the case.

He has been going a gradual decline and has taken a turn for the worse.

He cannot walk or bathe without help, his arms become extremely rigid and stiff, where I can hardly move them, and his whole body shakes (like a seizure). He is also having problems swallowing. His mind, however, remains sharp and clear.

He is becoming emotional and said today that he just couldn’t take much more of this.

I don’t know what to do now nor do I know where or to whom I need to go. He cannot live this way.

Do I put him back on the meds? Do I go another route? There are so many wonderful treatments I have read up on, but money is a key issue.

Please help.


Hi Debbie:

The recovery process involves difficult choices day in and day out. The road to recovery entails ups and downs. It is never a smooth ride. Healing from the inside out does usually involves letting deep emotions release. From you question above it sounds like this is what is happening and is actually a good thing to surface. When the focus of treatment is on suppressing the symptoms with medications and supplements, emotions are suppressed too. For the body to heal, the trapped trauma and emotions have to be felt and best of all released.

A wild guess on my part is that he has accumulated toxins in the tissues and lymph that are obstructing his mobility and creating restrictions in the body. Toxins in gall bladder and liver can be problematic in this regard. If he is not moving his  body, the toxins will have no way of moving through the lymph that is designed to carry the bad stuff out of the body. One of my Seven Secrets to Healing is to get the bad stuff out of the body first. Talk with your naturopath about this possibility.

From your question “Do I put him back on the meds” it sounds like you are in control of his recovery process.   My suggestion for you will probably be a surprise. Let him be in complete charge of decisions regarding his recovery. He is obviously a competent, smart man. He can and will figure it out. Watch my youtube video on the critical importance of taking control over the recovery process:

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease