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Food for Parkinsons Disease

Food for Parkinsons Disease

Mr. Glen Pettibone will discuss his ongoing progress applying the diet and exercise approaches he uses to treat his Parkinsons disease, as featured in his book “Powerful Food And A Walk In the Sun“. He will touch on some of the newer approaches he has discovered that are featured in his blog and also talk about stepping up the exercise with “Rock Steady Boxing”.
Title: Sunday Connections with Glen Pettibone
Date & Time: Sunday, October 18th at 2:00p m Pacific

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Guest pin code: 200414#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (323) 476-3997
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Nutrition for Parkinsons Disease

Nutrition for Parkinsons Disease

Mr. Glen Pettibone will discuss his ongoing progress applying the diet and exercise approaches he uses to treat his Parkinsons, as featured in his book “Powerful Food And A Walk In the Sun“.  He will touch on some of the newer approaches he has discovered that are featured in his blog and also talk about stepping up the exercise with “Rock Steady Boxing”.
Title: Sunday Connections with Glen Pettibone
Date & Time: Sunday, October 18th at 2:00p m PacificAttend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 200414#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (323) 476-3997
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Cure for PD

Two questions which a similar theme follow:

Hello Robert,

I have just listened to your podcast “what is the biggest roadblock to recovery“. You talk about reversing symptoms or finding compelling relief of symptoms ~ Would you liken this to a cure for PD?

I am writing because my husband, 44 yrs old has a hand tremor & we are concerned that he has PD. We are in the process of finding a neurologist to evaluate him and give us some direction. This is an absolutely frightening experience for him/us. I appreciate any information you can provide.


I am suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 8th year. How can the the Parkinson’s disease be cured?


Speaking as a researcher who focuses on identifying the factors that cause neurological symptoms and natural therapies that help to reverse them, I never think in terms of a “cure” for anything. In general, this term is typically used when a treatment resolves the symptom completely. I know of no such intervention that works this “magic”.

The term “cure for PD” conveys a static condition. If the body is “cured” it is set in “concrete” so to speak. Once “concrete” is cured – it is hardened. The body is fluid and dynamic. Symptoms come and go for everyone – those with Parkinson’s symptoms and those who do not have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The body is always communicating to us what is out of balance. Instead of thinking of tremors as a “problem”, think of them as a message your husband is receiving from his body. In many cases, the body is simply releasing trauma – which it does successfuly by shaking (or tremoring).

You can certainly suppress tremors with medications which is an option many people prefer. There are also natural therapies that are helpful in suppressing tremors which I have document in my recent book “Treatments for Tremors“.

As you already know from listing to my recent radio show What is the Biggest Roadblock to Recovery? I believe the most formidable roadblock to recovery is a failure to recognize the impact of trauma has on the ability of the sensitive neurological system to function.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery

Do Parkinson’s Symptoms Come and Go?

Question #1:

Do other PD people notice a change/worsening of symptoms seasonally?  I just realized that for several years now my symptoms seem to increase about Dec or Jan or there abouts. This time period is when I have been starting or changing or increasing medications.



Yes – my experience is that many people experience a flare up of symptoms during the winter. I suspect there are several reasons:

  • Diet – the holidays trigger unhealthy eating.
  • Lack of exercise – the winter months can mean colder weather with more rain and snow.
  • Lack of sunshine – Although you live in a rather hot climate, vitamin D3 may not be an issue – but Naturopath Doctor Laurie Mischley finds most people with Parkinson’s symptoms have severe vitamin D3 deficiencies. If there is less sunshine – your body will be getting less D3 the natural way.
  • Change or addition of medications – If you have been adding new medications or increasing the dosage, that could also be a possible cause of a symptom flare up due to interactions and side effects.

All in all – there are a multitude of factors that can potentially contribute to shifts in symptoms seasonally. Since there are typically fluctuations – you can always celebrate improvement down the road.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Copper and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Lori sent me several messages from her i-phone about her remarkable recovery from the symptoms Parkinson’s disease. With her permission I am posting her correspondence to me below. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

My symptoms are currently reversing. My sons, myself and my sister tested very high copper levels.  Found out once started prenatal vitamins started improving almost gone after nine months .
Neurologist confirmed marked improvement! Work out alot. Eating better. Cut out diet coke addiction. Pray alot! My sons and I take zinc to chelate copper. Water tested positive copper. Copper pipes leaching copper.

It’s so weird! You have been so positive for me. Footdrop gone. Cogwheeling gone. Smile back:) Bradykinesia almost gone. Just action tremor.

They tell me I don’t have Wilson’s disease because cervoplasmin high too. They thought copper was elevated because of bc pills. But off them ordered own serum copper, i’m an OD, still high! My husband md, always said no resting tremor and he would notice it. Five doctors confirmed. Even went to cleveland clinic. Raised 7000 dollars for mjff.  Acceptted it. Something kept telling me have another baby. Got off meds. Started prenatal. Bam – got better. I’m supposed to be in that big mjff study. Called Cleveland. They said pd never gets better. Must be ingesting something.

I kept telling neuro that thought copper toxicity due chronic green hair when moved into house with copper pipes five years ago. Peds doctor helped me most because tested sons and high so he called toxicologist geneticist and metabolic.

I’m so scared it’s going to come back but I don’t think God does partial miracles.  My sister was higher than me. Currently get lots blood tests but say not Wilsons!

Thanks for positive vibes. Pd is so gloom doom. No hope awful, I think no one should not be given hope. People forget the God factor. Please post because if it happened to me it can happen to others.  My husband always thought h1n1 did it. But he sees what vitamins are doing for me, vitamins with no copper.

My handwriting is no longer small. Still trembles but so much easier.  I wrote and dated a journal so I can see the change.

Mirapex never really helped. It really only made a slight improvement in handwriting.  Never helped foot, smile cogwheeling or tremor. My doctors sill say I have PD and haven’t seen all improvement – think I’m nuts!

But pharmacy assured me mirapex er out of system. Completely done with it Nov 1, started to taper it Oct 21. started prenatal vitamins Oct 21. Noticed improvement. Started documenting it all on Nov 16th.  Haven’t seen neuro since nov 18th. I think they are going to be shocked!

Movement specialist said she never doubted my diagnosis, doesn’t want to see me til Feb. I’ve learned I have wrong doctors and the best peds doctor.

The thing that worried me was at 6 year old son started getting breasts. Doctor documented this. I researched crap out of it. It would come and go. Told peds everything, in youth elevated copper secondary sex characteristics. I started boys on vitamins. Youngest would not take them. I told doctor the oldest sons will be lower because been on vitamin. This turned out to be true. My husband’s copper level is normal.

I feel God put me thru this to help my boys! I’m planning to get prego once all gone . It will be miracle baby! It sounds unbelievable!

We have bottled water. Looking to get copper filter for shower! I would love to move but houses not selling.  We have a really nice house but I hate the copper pipes!


Research Shows Link between GMO’s and Symptoms of Parkinsons

Sharry Edwards was my guest on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio show yesterday. During the show she discussed a connection between Genetically Modified Foods (GMS’s) and symptoms of Parkinsons that she personally experienced.  Sharry has given me permission to post her full research article here. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

Study finds Link between GMO’s and Current Health Care Crisis
…by Sharry Edwards, MEd, Director
Institute of BioAcoustic Biology
September 26, 2010

The August 14th, 2010 issue of Science News, ”Separating wheat from chaff in celiac disease”, reported that a research team led by gastroenterologist Robert Anderson of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Parkville, Australia, had identified specific triggers (gluten sensitivities) associated with celiac disease.

Since our research efforts often evaluate clients who exhibit gluten sensitivity and a myriad of associated diseases, it was imperative that this important information be added to our software databases. I translated the three proteins into BioAcoustic bio-frequency (biomarkers)* and was immediately inundated with an avalanche of novel data showing that the metabolic pathways influenced by these proteins were linked to nearly all systems of the human body; causing immune distortion, acute cellular inflammation and disruptions in cell communication.

The article listed three proteins, w-5 gliadin (wheat), g-3 hordein (barley) and g secalins (rye) that were implicated in the production of the specific anti-gliadin antibody reactions. These proteins, which have been proven to be responsible for allergic reactions, are associated with grain glutens from which they are derived.

Patient records indicated the grains involved are clones developed in a laboratory by Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotech conglomerate. This would confirm that the present day epidemic of gluten sensitivities/allergies stem from laboratory created grains. These gluten-distorted, allergy causing grain clones are being used to create foods that we eat everyday; bread, cereals, crackers, pastry, seasonings, even some packaged chip products contain wheat. As I developed the BioAcoustic correlations I was aghast with the realization of how thoroughly our health is being negatively influenced by these genetically modified foods (GMO’s).

Further investigation revealed that the cloned genes contained two substitutions that distorted the way the body processes two sulfur rich amino acids: proline and glutamine. Disturbances in these amino acids substitutions result in the impedance of the methylation of these two essential nutrients.

BioAcoustically Speaking, Glutamine distortions seem to be the most destructive. The enzyme required to utilize glutamine is glutamate decarboxylase (GAD). Glutamate is a key molecule in cellular metabolism and the most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter in a vertebrate nervous system.

In mammals, GAD exists in two isoforms encoded by two different genes – Gad1 and Gad2. GAD1 and GAD2 are expressed in the brain where GABA is used as a neurotransmitter; GAD2 is also expressed in the pancreas. This led to an evaluation of the GAD genomes and what happens when these genes are activated:
Glutamate decarboxylase aka glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) is an enzyme that catalyzes the decarboxylation (part of the process of breaking down for use by the body) of glutamate to GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) and CO2.

GABA is a natural tranquilizer and an important inhibitory neurotransmitter that helps regulate neuron activity and the body’s nanosensors. Starting with the GAD enzyme response and moving toward GABA in conjunction with the active form of B6 (PLP), the nanotransmitters of the body are created and regulated. The movement of electrical energy and hence magnetic potential within the body are controlled by these nanotransmitters.
GAD uses PLP (pyridoxal 50-phosphate) as a cofactor. PLP was granted a patent by the US government patent office to the Canadian company, Medicure. PLP is now under the control of the pharmaceutical industry and its lack is often associated with blood clotting distortions, migraines, neural disorders and seizures.

Nanotransmitters produced in conjunction with GAD metabolism show direct associations with a multitude of diseases: diabetes, autism, arthritis, Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, joint pain and deterioration, auditory disorders, Celiac Disease, Crohns, Irritable Bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, schizophrenia, bipolar and anxiety disorders, aspartame sensitivity, MSG reactions, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, depression, seizures, brain signaling, the use of calcitonin (cancer related), histidine function (seasonal allergies), cellular inflammation and vaccination reactions.

Of particular importance is GAD’s involvement with cancer via Calcitonin, a 32–amino-acid peptide/hormone that participates in calcium and phosphorus metabolism. BioAcoustically Speaking, calcitonin is a major player in the role of how the body handles any cancer threat.

Parkinson’s is an incurable, debilitating disease that also shows GAD involvement. The activity of glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD), the enzyme involved in formation of the inhibitory neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), was studied in autopsy brain samples from six Parkinson’s patients and 13 controls. The activity of GAD was significantly reduced in brain samples of patients with Parkinson’s disease, being about 50 percent of that in controls. Moreover, levodopa treatment showed a tendency to increase the activity of GAD. The results suggest the involvement of GABA neurons in Parkinson’s disease.

A search of the GAD literature stated that acetylcholine, γ-aminobutyric acid, dopamine, calcitonin gene-related peptides, choline acetyltransferase and enkephalins are involved with the metabolism of GAD. It would be important to include these biochemicals when testing subjects for GAD presence and methylation.

Glutamate is the same Frequency Equivalent* as aspartame and is part of MSG (mono-sodium glutamate). James Oschman in his publication, Energy Medicine, states that cells emit frequency-based signals as a request for needed biochemicals to gather at the site where they are needed. Since Glutamate and Aspartame are the same frequency, this may explain why Aspartame has been implicated in so many muscle and joint disorders.

These observations are based on the mathematical matrix of BioAcoustic Biology developed over the last twenty years by the Sound Health Research Center located in Albany, Ohio, USA. The system allows for the evaluation of any item associated with the body in terms of numeric mathways. Sharry Edwards, the recognized pioneer of this emerging technology states, “I expect this information will be the impetus that opens the world to the potential of BioAcoustic Biology and the hope of allowing access to Self Health care; even after the appearance of a disease process”.

From the original Science News article:

“Three protein fragments are looking like the guilty parties in celiac disease, an intestinal ailment that affects as many as one in 133 people in the United States. These partial proteins, or peptides, are the part of gluten in wheat, rye and barley that triggers the immune systems of celiac patients, damaging the small intestine. An Australian research team reports the new findings in the July 21 Science Translational Medicine.”

“This is an impressive and very comprehensive study,” says immunologist Ludvig Sollid of the University of Oslo. “The authors find that most celiac patients make a response to these three gluten peptides.”

Are GMO producers aware of the damage to health that is being caused? Why are GMO producers and the US government boldly attempting to prevent package warnings that would notify people that they were eating GMO products? Is it greed, ignorance or a misguided attempt to improve our food supply that is in fact poisoning our food, our population, and our genetic pool? Is this assault on our food supply intentionally creating a future that will keep us ill and medication dependent?

References available by request

* all issues expressed in terms of Frequency Equivalent™ (a “term of use” for BioAcoustic Biology)  a numeric representation of a person, place, thing or emotion.

Lyme Disease and Parkinson’s Disease


I was tested and treated for Lyme disease (including intravenously) 3 times last year. In January 2010, I was diagnosed with PD.

Have you seen the same thing with many of your bloggers?



There is a strong connection between the symptoms associated with Lyme disease and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Many people are mis-diagnosed with Parkinson’s. They actually have the bacterial infection that causes Lyme disease.

Most of the cases involve a process that is reversed from yours. The diagnosis of Parkinson’s is given. No treatments seem to help. The person searches for other solutions. They eventually discover that they have Lyme disease, not Parkinson’s.

Your question elicits a larger issue. I believe that many of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s are actually caused by bacterial infections. Lyme is only one of the culprits. Some of the bacteria do not have cell walls and thus defy detection by standard diagnostic tests.

If you had three separate treatments last year, you must have a deep respect for the resiliency of the Lyme infection. It is only one of hundreds that can create havoc in the neurological system. Most bacterial infections these days are very difficult to treat successfully.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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Heavy Metal Chelation and Parkinson’s

Cruise is coming up, isn’t it?  Wish I could have joined you, but had other obligations to pay for, one is my upcoming heavy metal chelation.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been testing for heavy metal for over 7 years now and nothing ever showed up on lab tests.  I kept having a nagging feeling that a big part of my symptoms were caused from heavy metal poisoning, but I couldn’t get anyone to prove it.

I kept searching and found a naturopathic doctor who consented to another urine test, but this time he used the chelating agent MDSA to pull the metals out of my tissues.

The results confirmed my feeling of years.  Extremely high levels of Mercury, Lead and Uranium.  He said in all of his practice, he has never seen such high levels and promptly started me on a heavy metal chelation.  I’m now on a two week regimen to support my organs from permanent damage prior to the chelation.

He said that while he can’t promise a definite correlation of symptoms and heavy metals, he does feel there is a huge relationship.  He also so that he can’t promise complete relief of symptoms after chelation and removing these heavy metals from my body, but he said he feels confident that my symptoms will improve, and my symptoms shouldn’t worsen and my body should be allowed to heal, once the mercury is gone.  He said that with my levels of metals, it may take up to a year to completely chelate.

I will keep you posted.  I just thought you might be interested in knowing my most recent finding, and possibly an option for some of your other followers.

Again, thanks for all you do and continue to do.  You are amazing!  Such a gift to humanity, not only those with a PD diagnosis.

Take care,


Life with Parkinson’s Disease


I tuned into the recorded version of your interview with Leif last night. I could not listen to it for very long as the part where he experienced much difficulty moving around and talking, and when he apologized– it really bothered me. So I exited the show.

I can honestly say that he dashed my hopes somewhat. I felt somewhat frightened and depressed. I was  hoping  to hear the voice of the motivated, and strongly positive author, “Leif”. Didn’t  expect ‘off times”. It recalled to me  the supposed later stages of this condition, and of how dreary a future  this condition could prove to be for me. ( Now maybe I should have stayed on line and listened to all — but I couldn’t.)

However a good thing. It re- emphasized to me how very important it is for me  to listen to my own body and deal with it day by day, and not fixate on what may/may not happen to me in the future, down the road. Each case of Parkinsons Disease seems to be different depending on so many influencing factors. Everyone seems to go through this neurological condition differently.

Now for me after my diagnosis in’ 98 , I am fairing well, all things considered. But it takes effort to stay well and it takes time, and it takes attitude! I used to  receive mail from the Parkinson’s organizations here, inviting me to attend meetings having to do with: falling, drooling,  freezing, depression, suicide, support for spouses, making a will etc. Talk about gloom and doom. So I  unsubscribed to such mail.

I make a practice of staying away from websites, articles, presentations of the same persuasion, because they are NOT helpful at this time and may never be– who knows. It is just more positive for me to practice and adopt a lifestyle that channels my energy and thoughts in a more positive way, to surround myself with people and circumstances that celebrate life — sunshine, nature, spirituality, music, friends, travel, vegetarian food, exercise, breathing, laughing yoga. Some may say that I have my” neck stuck in the sand” , “to face the music”, “to accept my disease”. I think not.

In the days and weeks  following  my diagnosis in ’98, I spent many a day and dark hour, dwelling entirely on this “di sease”. I found myself buried  in a very dark place, a deep hole, thankfully I was able to crawl out. I  never wish to return there!

So sorry( my opinion), that Leif experienced  ‘off times’ during his talk, because he had a wonderful message to convey. I did read some excerpts from his book, and I do share in, and believe in much that he writes. Now maybe  the  rest of the show was entirely different, but….

Just someone sharing her thoughts having and dealing with” Parkinson’s” recovery.



What a fascinating report of your reaction to my interview with Leif this week, author of I Have Parkinsons But Parkinsons Does Not Have Me. Your experience is a true testament to how easy it is to be sucked into the dark and dreary negative belief template about Parkinsons that continues to linger out there in the ethers. As you so eloquently describe, it is so easy to be trapped by the negative belief template. Crawling out of it can sometimes feel like the challenge of breaking out of jail.

I think the actual experience of listening to my interview with Leif patterns your same experience over the years since your own diagnosis eleven years ago. Deep depression initially followed by a determination to engage the activities that help you feel great everyday. You are probably wondering what happened in the second part of the interview?

Leif took a mere ten minute break in the interview to meditate by breathing and grounding. His symptoms vanished. When you hear the second part of the interview you hear a voice of strength and power (though of course English is not his native language). It is a true testament to the reality that by setting his intent to move out of fear and paying attention to his body, his symptoms vanished in a flash. Healing happens in the moment. You do not have to wait years.

His symptoms were up during the first ten minutes of the interview because it was a stressful experience. After all, he was not just have a friendly chat with me. The interview was being recorded. Thousands of people will hear the interview. Once he was able to relieve the stress of doing the interview, all of his symptoms resolved.

Listening to the process of my interview with Leif is really the same experience you have had over the years as you successfully were able to shift from being trapped in the belief template of fear into a belief template of health and wellness. You both are doing quite well indeed now, but it was also a struggle for both of you in the beginning. I suspect this is a familiar process for many people.

If it ever feels right to you, you can always download the interview and fast forward the recording about 12 minutes. You will be delighted with what you hear in the second part of my interview with Leif.

Thanks again for sending in your thoughts. You have helped so many people by telling us all about your own experience with Parkinsons.

Here is where you can download the interview if you every decide to give it a second try:

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

Stress and Parkinson’s Disease


I know stress is a major player in my Parkinson’s symptoms.  I have chronic pain and suffering from a surgery to my face that developed into what is referred to as a central pain disorder.  Meaning, the central nervous system has become involved.  I think it interesting that where this takes place is in the vicinity of the Substantia Nigra area of the brain where Parkinson’s develops.  I’ve always thought there might be a connection.

I take 2 anti-epileptic (dangerous) drugs in order to function but this still leaves me with unbelievable discomfort that registers on my consciousness at all times. This, I see, as  one of my greatest challenges to any kind of recovery.  The others are :

1) Subtle stress in most everything I do (I just realized this) and

2) Negative thought patterns even though I see myself as a positive person.

I had childhood trauma and trauma as a young woman. I developed an autoimmune disease at age 22 that most often is not manifested in anyone younger than 50.  I attribute this to a sensitive body that could not handle the devastation of estrogen packed birth control pills manufactured in the early 70’s.