Biophoton Therapy for Parkinson’s Symptoms

I have had three sessions with a lady who practices Biophoton Therapy in London UK. She mentioned that their practitioners have a forum where they can ask questions of other practitioners about a specific problems etc. It appears that people with Parkinson’s disease don’t seem to retain the treatment like most other patients.

So she decided to see if there was any underlying condition that may be affecting this in my case. When she finished her treatment yesterday she asked me to take specific note of any reactions.

Last evening, the reaction that I noticed was a feeling like a strong electrical charge in my nervous system, that was trying to dissipate. When I woke this morning I had the feeling that I had stored negative energy from unresolved anger and trauma in the area of my solar plexus (Stomach/Liver). When my arms and legs shake it feels as though I’m trying to dissipate this energy through them (my arms and legs).

The reason that I was interested in the  trauma aspect was that my first Parkinson’s symptoms started a few days after a car accident I had in March 2005 when I was shaken badly. Prior to this I had been working 12 hour day and night shifts i.e. working a few days for 12 hours at a time then having a couple of days break, then working a few nights for 12 hours at a time. I was physically exhausted at the time of the accident.

Also, I was 62 years old.

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I interviewed the inventor of Biophoton Therapy Johan Boswinkle on the Parkinsons Recovery Radio Show several weeks ago. All shows are archived and free to access. To learn more about Biophoton Therapy – you can learn all about it from the man who created it!

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