Cause of Parkinsons Disease

Cause of Parkinsons Disease is Multifaceted

After only a few minutes of research, you will encounter one explanation that is offered as the cause of Parkinson;s disease – a deficiency of dopamine. Yes, this clearly can be a factor, but only one among many other factors. Where do you start with a recovery program once the symptoms have emerged?
Most people choose at the beginning to suppress their Parkinson’s symptoms.  I discuss during the radio show the many logical reasons why the is the first choice for most people.
In the program today I recommend pursing another strategy. Why not determine the cause of Parkinson s disease first and then design a treatment program that addresses the cause?
My research over the past decade has revealed many surprising conditions that cause the Parkinsons Recoverysymptoms which include (but are certainly not limited to) toxins, infections, trauma, stress and thoughts that we rattle around our heads that are not conducing to recovery. I discuss all of these issues and more during the radio show today.
I also announce an exciting new Jump Start to Recovery program that will convene at Alderbrook in Washington state November 1st – 3rd. Check out the program details.
Robert Rodgers PhD

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